• Gail L
    not register at mivacuna.salud.gob.mx although clearly the CURP is formed by your birthdate.

    1/ Anyone with the same pb?
    2/Who should we tell in SMA? Do you have a phone number I could call?

    In advance, Many thanks Gail
  • Glenn Wilson
    Turned 60 how recently?

    I don't know if there is a specific cutoff date or if it is dynamic based on the day you try to register or get vaccinated. But, I did find a few references to February 15, 1961, but maybe that was only accurate at the time the program started?
    How old do I have to be to get vaccinated?
    In this first stage of vaccination you must be at least 60 years old. This means that your date of birth is before February 15, 1961.

    They must carry official identification that proves their age, only those who are 60 years old and over will be vaccinated, that is, those who were born before February 15, 1961.

    This week all people who were born before February 15, 1961 and who live in any of the 333 municipalities in the country that received AstraZĂ©neca vaccines will be vaccinated.
    I will update this if I see something clearer.
  • Gail L

    - 60 is sixty regardless as to when you turn 60. (in this case in September, June, February of 2020)
    - these people produced their CURP.
    - The CURP is a 19 digit number.
    - From digit 5 to digit 11 it is your birthdate. Year/month/date. American style

    I don't see how more official then that you can get so I am trying to know whether someone has proof it is computer error or a pretense on behalf of the govt.

    VoilĂ .

    Anybody who is 60 but told he or she is not?
    More importantly any idea where to complain?


  • Glenn Wilson
    "60 is sixty regardless as to when you turn 60." If being 60 at the time of registration is, in fact, the requirement as opposed to having turned 60 by some cutoff date.

    I have seen that error reported if the CURP was not entered exactly correctly. Probably not the issue, but ...
    Locating and verifying your CURP.
    It doesn't seem to like my CURP or thinks I'm not 60+. What should I do?
    The number is on your Mexican Driver's License and Permanent or Temporary Resident Card. At least it is on mine.

    Make sure you entered the CURP correctly including getting Ohs and Zeros right ('O' versus '0'; letter versus number) right. One way to do that is to copy and paste it from someplace else where it is correct. Letters versus numbers is only an issue for the last two digits of the CURP which can be either numbers or letters. The web site currently validates that the other positions are of the right type (numbers versus letters). Still, copy and paste is a good way to make sure the whole thing is right.

    To get a good version to copy-and-paste from and to locate and verify that you have the right CURP (and that it is in the system), try going to the Check Your Curp site. You can type in your CURP or find it by using your Personal Data (name, date of birth, etc). See Locating and Printing Your Mexican CURP, including the comments, for instructions.

    Once you do that and have verified that your CURP is correct, try using that (copy-n-paste for best results). If that still gives you an error about your CURP then I think it is an error in the system and, for now, I would hope the error gets fixed and I would try again tomorrow. (This may be a new error recently introduced into the system.)
    From: How to register for the Covid Vaccine in Mexico - Now Open for 60+ year olds

    And, no, I am aware of any phone number (yet) or place to correct this.
    But, see: Vaccine Roll-Out Interview for San Miguel de Allende (Direct link to interview google document)
  • Glenn Wilson
    Also see today's Vaccination Plan, Status and News:

    Tourist visa? No CURP? Problem registering? "Migrants in Mexican territory will also receive vaccine ... in the absence of any official identification document, they can rely on the Roadrunner Brigades that are located at the points of vaccination. If there was availability of vaccine, that same day they could apply it; otherwise, they will be assigned an appointment."

    GW: I take this to mean you can show show up at the appropriate vaccination site for your location and age and go from there. Mexican officials have said vaccinations will be available for everyone and universal, this is the first description that I've seen of how non-resident and non-citizens can proceed.
  • Gail L
    Glen, Many thanks. After your initials, your birthdate in on your CURP. It is on yours, on mine on anybody's..A CURP is the official identification required.
    So if you turned 60 last September for example, you are 60 period and the website has no business telling you you are not 60.
  • Gail L
    Hi Glen,
    Regarding the mishaps for people who just turned 60 in 2020 on the site mivacuna.salud.gob.mx a friend said:
    Insist and try another day.
    I did early this morning and it worked.
    I hear people are paying 500 pesos to get registered, I think there is probably a lot of traffic at time on that site and it stops working properly.
    In my case it worked early in the morning it did not work the first time. Many people have shared similar stories. So I guess persistence is the answer. Cheers
  • Glenn Wilson
    Gail, thanks for the update. Glad to hear you got it to work!
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