• Glenn Wilson
    Steve: Dora was at the house performing her cleaning miracles. I had asked her to take a look at the cleaning supplies I had just bought at Sam's Club to see if we needed anything else for the house. We always do.

    She inventoried the stash and said that we needed "liqua de agua." At least, that is what I thought she said. It could have been "lika de agua." I asked her to repeat the phrase. When I showed no recognition, she explained it was to clean the bathroom. She pointed at a bottle of toilet cleaner and recommended a specific shop in San Patricio.

    So, off I went, The proprietress of the shop looked just as bewildered as I had when I told her what I wanted. She speaks Spanish and English, and we exhausted our mutual vocabularies until we decided what I needed was a bottle of Ajax cleanser.

    Well, that was not what Dora needed. She went to the bodega and returned with what looked like a small piece of black construction paper.

    mexpatriate -- in the key of steve sanding my consonants. More #mexpatriate.

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  • patricia singer
    :-) She wanted lija de aqua or sandpaper. The black, fine version works underwater and is used to remove sarro or the white, lime (?) build up we get in our toilets or tubs . . .
  • Vanessa Drand

    Do not use those sanding blocks! My limpieza did and it took the enamel off the toilet bowl. Bodily waste now sticks to the bowl and I have to buy a new toilet.
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