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    When I first started making this dish in the United States, some of the ingredients were hard to source. Today, nearly 45 years later, the ingredients for picadillo are easily available in almost any supermarket. Starting with the bowl of ground pork at about seven o'clock in the photograph and moving clockwise, you see the raw meat, Mexican cinnamon sticks, bright orange carrots all but hidden in the dish, chiles serrano, Roma tomatoes, white potatoes, a Red Delicious apple, raisins and dried cranberries, freshly dried hoja de laurel (bay leaves), a whole white onion, and, in the little dish in the right-center foreground, freshly dried Mexican oregano. I dried the bay leaves and the oregano myself, but you can make substitutions: use ground cinnamon rather than the cinnamon sticks, store-bought bay leaves, and the oregano you normally use instead of the Mexican type; the rest of the ingredients are commonplace.

    Hash of all kinds is one of the most comfortable of comfort foods, and the hash called picadillo (the word means 'a little something chopped-up') is simply Mexico's slightly more rambunctious cousin. This picadillo recipe is always forgiving, always flexible. Prepare it with ground beef, ground pork, or a combination of the two meats. Use more potatoes, fewer carrots, an extra tomato (or two, if the ones you have are quite small). Don't care for olives? Leave them out. But by all means do try picadillo: it's a far cry from your mother's canned corned beef hash.

    Mexico Cooks! Picadillo :: Mexican Homemade Hash, It's What's for Dinner! More #MexicoCooks.

    If you’ve never tried picadillo before, this is a recipe you’ll want to add to your recipe collection asap. Immediately. Like, stop reading and write down “Mexican Picadillo” somewhere so you don’t forget to do it later.

    I’m serious!

    I am totally hooked on picadillo for a number of reasons. First, it’s incredibly delicious. Second, it is MASSIVE on the spiciness factor, and by spicy, I don’t necessarily mean HOT, but see #1 – FLAVOR.

    Oh Baby! Third, it’s pretty darned easy to make, and you guys already KNOW I’m a pretty slow cook in the kitchen, so if something is quick and easy for the most part, it’s that much better for me.
    Chili Pepper Madness Mexican Picadillo.

    This recipe for Mexican Picadillo is spicy and flavorful. Served with tortillas, rice, and beans.

    It’s a winning dish that is perfect for weeknight dinners and family gatherings.

    Watch the VIDEO to learn how to make this Mexican food classic.
    Mamá Maggie's Kitchen Mexican Picadillo + VIDEO.

    Lentil Picadillo Tacos by Piloncillo & Vainilla

    Lentil Picadillo is a vegetarian take on the classic Mexican recipe.

    If you aren’t familiar with picadillo, it is a traditional Latin American dish that translates to mincement. Every country has their own variation of it but they all usually have ground beef, onion, garlic, tomatoes, and potatoes. Some versions add raisins and olives to the mix.

    Hector grew up eating picadillo at least once a week. It was one of his favorites and he said there is no way that picadillo can have lentils. It just isn’t going to happen.
    Thyme & Love Lentil Picadillo.

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