• Glenn Wilson
    If you want to send another registered user a message you can click on their name or image / icon next to their post or find them in the list of members and click on them there. Then select Send a Message and it should be self explanatory from there. Direct Messages will show up in your inbox on this site and there will be an indication on the top menu bar that you have a message. Depending on your Preference Settings in your Profile you will also get an email to let you know you have a message.

    A mention is done with the "at-sign" @ icon in a post. This alerts that user and lets them know you have mentioned them in that post or comment. There is an indication on the menu bar and they get an email or not depending on their Preference Settings in their Profile.

    Click the @ icon when posting and start filling in the user name. You can usually select the name from a drop down list after typing a couple of characters. When typing a post it will look like @ "Schuster" (but without the space after the @). When viewing or previewing a post it will look like @Schuster if in the right format. You can type it directly if you put it in the right format. The quotes are necessary. It is probably best to select the name from the drop down instead of typing it because it will not work if misspelled but it will "look" right.

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