• Glenn Wilson

    By MCCI Applied Research Unit.

    Mexico is not doomed to be corrupt. Reducing corruption is not an easy task, but neither is it an impossible mission. Here are some proposals to implement if the will and commitment to combat want to go beyond speech. ...

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    By Rosa Castañeda • Maite Laris García Urtiaga • Javier Carrillo • Ricardo Alvarado Andalón.

    For four consecutive years at Mexicanos Contra la Corrupción y la Impunidad we have recorded the main corruption scandals published by different media in Mexico. Our reports account for the irregularities recently committed by at least a dozen governors; the illegal collection of commissions by legislators of all political expressions; of the allocation of millionaire public contracts to shell companies or to people close to those in power; the electoral use of social programs and an unfortunate long etcetera.

    The scandals that we have registered in this time have a clear element in common: they all depend on the complicity of various actors who take advantage of opportunities created by blind spots in our laws and institutions to capture public offices and budgets for their benefit. If corruption works in networks, it is clear that it is not a question of distinguishing between good and bad people.

    For this reason, actions such as preventive detention will do little to end this problem. Instead, we need to strengthen our capacity to investigate these networks, encourage reporting, and strengthen transparency and accountability mechanisms. These measures, more than words, require resources, talent and political commitment from our authorities. ...

    Continue at Nexos: Corruption Yearbook 2020. (sp) | English. More #Nexos.

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