• Glenn Wilson
    Let's say your charity has a big event coming up next month. Or, your bridge club meets every Friday at 7 pm. And, you want to share this with the San Miguel FAQ community.

    To see existing Events click Events on the left from a Desktop browser, or, from a phone touch the Hamburger menu (top left, three stacked lines) then touch Events. For the events listed, you can tap them to see more info. Events also show up in their category if viewing by category.

    To create a new Event, click Start a New DIscussion on the left for Desktop users, or, for mobile, tap the top right menu (three stacked dots) then New Discussion. Enter the title of the event, select the category, provide a description of the event and click or touch the Event checkbox.

    If no other category seems appropriate use General Discussion or Activities and Events.

    After you select the Event checkbox you will be asked if it is an All Day event, the Start date and time, the End date and time, Repeat (No, Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Annually), and is Registration Open or Closed. If Open, then folks can register for it here, on this web site. (I have not used that option much and I'm not fully aware of how it works). I expect you normally want closed.

    Then you can preview, edit as needed, and then, Post Discussion.

    Your event will now show up under Events and under the category you selected.

    Please post any questions or comments below.

    More in Site Help and Feedback.

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