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    As night falls on Laguna Azul, an ecotourism lodge on the outskirts of the Mexican hamlet of Nanacamilpa, it looks like rain, and a group of eight tourists nervously watch the sky. Their guides look unconcerned. Cold rain makes for a miserable walk, but the fireflies love it.

    A younger guide introduces himself in a strong voice as an older one looks on, leaning on a thick walking stick. The guide lists the basic rules of the tour: walk only on the path, no wandering, no music, no alcohol, no insect repellent, no lamps, and absolutely no cell phones. Any light, even that of a cell phone display, can distract the fireflies.

    National Geographic How Fireflies Are Keeping This Tiny Mexican Town Alive

    "Generally the season is from the last week of June until the first week of August."
    Hacienda Ixtafiayuca Firefly sanctuary FAQ
    Just missed it? Maybe next year?

    For many, fireflies are harbingers of summer, their tiny twinkles of light softly illuminating warm evenings. Their magic goes beyond simple wonder. Scientists have put the beetles’ alchemy—they’re not actually flies—to work in the lab, too.

    There are fireflies on all continents except Antarctica, but not everyone has experienced this phosphorescent phenomenon, and if recent trends are any indication, the firefly population is in danger of fading away. (Though this year has been a good one, at least in the US, for fireflies.)

    Let’s shed some light on these enchanting insects.
    Quartz Obsession Fireflies.

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