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    Section: GTO

    Covid-19 vaccination begins today in Guanajuato.
    Starting today, Health personnel begin to receive the Coronavirus vaccine.
    Periódico AM (sp) | English.

    First vaccines for covid-19 arrive in Irapuato and Salamanca.
    Periódico AM (sp) | English.

    Sick people work at Walmart de Celaya, employee denounces.
    Periódico AM (sp) | English.

    Six more die in Celaya and Irapuato from COVID-19.
    Periódico AM (sp) | English.

    Vaccines to combat SAR-CoV-2 arrive at the IMSS of Irapuato.
    Periódico AM (sp) | English.

    Increase in demand for medicinal oxygen in Irapuato.
    Zona Franca (sp) | English.

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    Section: SMA

    Luis alberto villarreal recognizes the great support of the canadian community in san miguel de allende.
    San Miguel de Allende, Gto. On January 12, 2021.- The municipal president Luis Alberto Villarreal García accompanied the president of the Board of Pro Niños David Winfield, the director Nory Contractor and the president of Amistad Canada Mark O'Neil, to present the 5th Mobile Medical and Dental Unit of this foundation that serves girls ...
    SMA Government (sp) | English.

    The President of San Miguel, Luis Alberto Villarreal, seeks to support COVID patients with free oxygen.
    TV Independencia (sp) | English.

    $ 143 thousand pesos, the first check from the Mayor for the SMA Civil Hospital.
    News San Miguel (sp) | English.

    Municipal government launches call for the evaluation and appointment of the citizens who will compose the board of directors of the board of trustees of the juárez and zeferino gutiérrez parks.
    SMA Government (sp) | English.

    The municipality will acquire equipment for oxygen production.
    SMA Government (sp) | English.

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    Section: Health

    Mexico generated 583 scientific articles on Covid: OECD.
    This year, 25 regulator officials are paid more than the President; with the integration plan this condition will be adjusted: expert
    El Universal (sp) | English.

    On the way to mass vaccination, this is how they received in Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Guanajuato and Yucatán the doses against COVID-19.
    Infobae (sp) | English.

    This is how hyperimmune equine serum works, the drug that could be used in patients with COVID-19 in Mexico.
    Infobae (sp) | English.

    Tabasco received the first batch of vaccines against COVID-19.
    Infobae (sp) | English.

    Covid-19 vaccination begins today in Guanajuato.
    Periódico AM (sp) | English.

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    Section: Nature

    INAH sues insurer for earthquakes in 2017.
    They have already restored 1,290 of the 2,340 properties affected by the 2019 earthquakes, that is, more than 50%. And there are only 477 properties that have not started restoration work
    El Universal (sp) | English.

    They ask the government of Puerto Morelos to correct the preliminary draft of the Urban Development Program.
    El Universal (sp) | English.

    Sub-zero temperatures cover Coahuila with ice.
    Milenio (sp) | English.

    They look for gold in Comonfort.
    Periódico AM (sp) | English.

    China, electric vehicles give carmakers hope.
    Milenio (sp) | English.

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    Section: Blogs

    Coronavirus Dashboard January 13, 2021.
    MEX: New record of 1,314 deaths registered in one day. Latest Changes: SMA: 1 new death, 18 new cases, 142 confirmed active cases, 2,374 - 4,606 estimated active cases. GTO: 74 new deaths, 504 new cases. MEX: 1,314 new deaths, 14,395 new cases. SMA: 106 deaths, 1,792 confirmed, 37 suspected...
    San Miguel FAQ

    Social media-loving D.C. rioters are finding there is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.
    Musings, Magic, SMA

    international tourist arrivals down 46%

    The Practicalities of Finding a House Rental in Mexico.

    Democracies at risk. Intolerance and hate speech.
    Nexos (sp) | English.

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    Section: Art

    Music UNAM benefits 113 artists from all over the country with 3 million pesos.
    Performers, composers and essayists participated in the call in three categories
    El Universal (sp) | English.

    The culture that will survive in 2021 (and the one that may not)
    El Universal (sp) | English.

    Museums will be closed due to infections until further notice.
    Periodico Correo (sp) | English.

    Mazatlecos say “No” to Cultur small Carnival Festival.
    The Mazatlán Post

    Receives award theater company in Puebla for reactivation after the pandemic.
    El Sol de Puebla (sp) | English.

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    Section: Food

    Accuses incongruity in alcohol sales restrictions.
    While restaurants cannot sell these products after 8 at night, shops can open sometimes even until midnight

    Periodico Correo (sp) | English.

    A rich tradition and identity from San Miguel is in its bread.
    TV Independencia (sp) | English.

    Makes positive balance of the Food Bank of Jalisco.
    El Informador (sp) | English.

    Perfect smoothies to start your mornings with energy.
    El Universal (sp) | English.

    Yelp adds to restaurant reviews if they meet Covid-19 health standards.
    El Universal (sp) | English.

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    Section: Business

    Physical investment picks up; consumption is moderated: Inegi.
    Despite the advance in the indicator, it is still below pre-pandemic levels
    El Universal (sp) | English.

    NG operations decrease in the Supply Market.
    Periodico Correo (sp) | English.

    Permits for events are suspended until sanitary conditions allow it.
    Periodico Correo (sp) | English.

    How much did the SAT collect in taxes in 2020?
    El Universal (sp) | English.

    Gerardo Esquivel sees job recovery in the second half of 2021.
    El Universal (sp) | English.

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    Section: Sports

    The forwards are over in Pumas.
    Why haven't we seen another youth squad in a key position not only in Pumas, but in world football?
    El Universal (sp) | English.

    No qualifier for swimmers in Mexico.
    El Universal (sp) | English.

    Change in professional golf calendars.
    El Universal (sp) | English.

    Unique transmission rights, economic salvation of Liga MX.
    El Universal (sp) | English.

    Cruz Azul wants a Tigres player, but he has no money.
    El Universal (sp) | English.

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    Section: Security

    Drugs and illicit trade generate 12 billion dollars a year in the country.
    A study, requested by UNCTAD and UNODC, warns that these flows can be laundered and invested in the legal market or of fair origin and clandestinely transferred abroad
    El Universal (sp) | English.

    Prisons in pandemic.
    El Universal (sp) | English.

    They persecute and arrest two people for trying to enter a home in Irapuato.
    Periódico AM (sp) | English.

    They shoot him and leave him dead in Lomas de la Piscina.
    Periodico Correo (sp) | English.

    A woman accused of fraud in CDMX escaped to Yucatán; sold the same property to two people.
    Infobae (sp) | English.

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    Section: International

    Sensex, Nifty hit record high as banks, Airtel gain.
    Indian shares rose on Wednesday to a record high as the country's retail inflation eased, bolstering banking stocks, and Bharti Airtel gained after the telecom operator initiated process to increase foreign investment limit.

    COVID vaccine deliveries to UK are on track, enough to meet target, minister says.

    New Texas coach Steve Sarkisian on 'The Eyes of Texas': Longhorns players will 'sing that proudly'

    Return with confidence: Using tech to create safe offices, post-pandemic.

    Wariness in Indonesia as Chinese Sinovac COVID-19 jabs start.

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