• Sarah Ash
    Please note that the Canadian government announced that effective January 7, 2021, all inbound international passengers of five years of age or older will now be required to show a negative COVID-19 test upon their entry. This regulation also applies to returning Canadian citizens.

    This announcement has raised the question in the Candian snowbird community ‘if an air ambulance evacuation flight is required for a COVID-19 positive patient would the flight be allowed entry into the country?’ SkyMed head office has now confirmed that CURRENTLY, Canada will allow entry for air ambulance evacuations for COVID-19 positive members into Canada.

    The same service is also possible to get a member back to the USA.

    The new Canadian regulation is designed to stop COVID-19 POSITIVE travelers booked on commercial flights from crossing the border and walking right into the community and possibly causing viral spread.

    A hospital-to-hospital air ambulance evacuation is allowed entry for COVID-19 positive patients needing to be flown back to a hospital in the USA or Canada.

    If the regulations change, the SkyMed head office will inform me and I will pass along the correct information.

    SkyMed does have a Covid Transportation Option, for air ambulance evacuations from Mexico, that can be added to any regular SkyMed Membership Plan by both current and new members.

    For more information regarding SkyMed, the most comprehensive and flexible medical evacuation plan, please contact me directly.

    Sarah Ash
    SkyMed Team Leader / Mexico
    Rep ID# 400829
    Mexican Cell: 415-125-3537
    USA Cell: 928-255-0220


    When a medical emergency occurs, you'll either be glad you have SkyMed, or wish you did! SkyMed takes YOU, your traveling companion, your car, motorcycle, boat, children, grandchildren, physical remains and even your pets ALL THE WAY HOME! SkyMed takes you, the patient, to the HOME hospital of your choice!
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