• Glenn Wilson
    Latest Changes:
    • SMA: 3 new deaths, 25 new cases, 143 confirmed active cases, 2,366 - 4,589 estimated active cases.
    • GTO: 68 new deaths, 339 new cases.
    • MEX: 502 new deaths, 10,002 new cases.

    SMA: 104 deaths, 1,763 confirmed, 45 suspected, 1,516 recovered.
    SMA: 101 deaths, 1,738 confirmed, 24 suspected, 1,507 recovered (previous).
    SMA New cases, active cases, 7 day moving averages, and estimated active cases: Google Spreadsheet.
    coronavirus.sanmigueldeallende.gob.mx (<< click for latest). (SMA numbers are also available on the GTO site, next.)
    Confirmed active cases = confirmed cases - deaths - recovered.

    If a city gave out 19 speeding tickets one day, no one would think that was all of the speeders. The tickets represent just the ones that got caught. Think of covid confirmed cases in the same way as speeding tickets. It's not all of the infections, it is just the ones that got caught. The real numbers are 'significantly higher.'

    Understanding Mexico's Covid Statistics. We are in the middle of a pandemic in one of the hardest-hit countries in the world. The confirmed cases represent a small percent of actual infections, so "don't let your guard down."

    Methodology for Calculating Estimated Active Cases of Covid for SMA.

    “If you don’t take care of yourself we are going to lock you up before they lock us all up. ... The next three months will be terrible in terms of infections and deaths. Remember that difficult days are coming,” Mayor Luis Alberto Villarreal said.
    Atención San Miguel. Nov 20, 2020.

    "The government has said the real number of infected people is likely significantly higher than the confirmed cases." Reuters.

    SMA Covid deaths details from last 1 week (if any) Google search.

    GTO: 6,277 deaths, 89,201 confirmed, 2,475 suspected.
    GTO: 6,209 deaths, 88,862 confirmed, 2,210 suspected (previous).
    GTO New cases, active cases and 7 day moving averages: Google Spreadsheet.
    coronavirus.guanajuato.gob.mx (<< click for latest and the full chart of municipalities).

    Mexico Data and Interactive Maps
    Click here for the current data and interactive maps.

    Note that these Worldometer graphs are one day behind the reported data.

    MEX: 1,534,039 cases and 133,706 deaths (click for latest).
    MEX: 1,524,036 cases and 133,204 deaths (previous).

    USA | Canada | World (click for latest).

    Johns Hopkins
    Mexico | World (click for latest).
    Covid data comparisons ("New" cases, etc) are between the two most recent official reports. Official SMA and GTO data is released in the early afternoon (sometime after 2 pm) and Official Mexico data is released in the evening.
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  • Betz
    Will COVID vaccines be made available in SMA?
  • Glenn Wilson
    Much of what I know about that is in the post:
    Covid vaccinations in SMA versus traveling to US for same.

    Including ...
    Federal government guarantees application will be universal and free throughout the country.
    ... Mexico will apply the coronavirus vaccine to foreigners residing in the country for free.
  • Betz
    Thank you Glenn. I had seen that post but wondered if any authority knew whether SMA would specifically have and provide the vaccines. It appears like this is “wait and see” at this point.
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