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    August 1, 2019:
    • Simplified Telephone Dialing,
    • What's Happening This Week in SMA?,
    • Transit Agents denounce retaliation,
    • Police infiltrated by organized crime,
    • Writers' Conference & Literary Festival,
    • How Many Police do we need?,
    • Living without water: El Salvador,
    • Split Apart by Deportation: US Family Begins a New Mexican Life in San Miguel,
    • New SMA Photograph Book,
    • Hear the Wedding Bells?,
    • Giant sandwich for ‘Torta Fair’.

    Mexico Simplifies its Telephone Dialing Rules
    Service prefixes are no longer required.

    The fundamental change to the telephone dialing rules happening on August 3rd 2019 is the removal of service code prefixes associated with calling domestic long distance numbers (01) and calling Mexican cell phones from Mexican land lines (044, 045). Also, the confusing need to add the number ‘1’ when calling a Mexican cell phone from overseas is also being eliminated.
    Mexico Simplifies its Telephone Dialing Rules
    See also: The definitive guide on the new telephone dialing system in Mexico

    What's Happening This Week
    What's Happening This Week in San Miguel de Allende (DiscoverSMA)
    QuePasaSanMiguel (Atención)
    Lokkal Events

    SMA Transit Agents denounce retaliation for protesting
    By " #traidores " and by " #rebelarse ", Transit agents of #SanMigueldeAllende they say they started to be #víctimas of reprisals by Director Samuel #Mercadillo ...
    Transit elements of San Miguel de Allende, decided to continue their protests "working" wearing a white bow with pink that would represent their disagreement with the way they are working. Yesterday they went out to the streets like that and those who asked them about him, told them they were doing their job ...
    SMA Transit Agents denounce that Mercadillo retaliates for protesting (sp)

    There are police infiltrated by organized crime
    GUANAJUATO, Gto. - (OEM- Reportx). - Governor Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo revealed that there are several municipal police corporations that are infiltrated with organized crime, which report the activities carried out by the authorities.

    In this regard, the state leader stressed the importance of the Reform to the Criminal Code, article 222-A of the Local Constitution or better known as an initiative that sanctions the crime of " hawk ", to be approved, as he said he will give them greater tools to fight crime.

    He said that the leaking of information by municipal police is one of the activities that were detected, so he said that with the Law against “Halconeo” he will punish those who carry out this activity.
    There are police infiltrated by organized crime (sp)
    See also: In Guanajuato the hawk will be punished with up to 13 years in jail (sp), and, 'Halconear' is a crime from today in Guanajuato and will be punished with up to 13 years in prison (sp).

    Writers' Conference & Literary Festival
    Registration Now Open!

    Announcing the 2020 Keynote Speakers for the 15th Annual Conference

    The Writers’ Conference is excited to reveal the keynote speakers for our February 2020 event. Registration for the 15th Annual Writers’ Conference and Literary Festival is now open. The dates are February 12 to 16, 2020.
    Writers' Conference & Literary Festival

    How Many Police do we need?
    Organizations like the UN and the IRC have a range of recommendations but, ideally, the police to civilian ratio in any city with a population of over 100,000 should be approximately 180 to 225 police officers for every 100,000 people.

    The population of the municipality of San Miguel de Allende is estimated at 180,000 which means that we should have between 324 and 405 officers.

    The government will not release exact numbers, but our sources within the Presidencia tell us that we have roughly 100 to 120 officers.
    How Many Police do we need? (Observatorio Ciudadano Facebook) More #ObservatorioCiudadano.

    Living without water: the crisis pushing people out of El Salvador
    Just after 6am, Victor Funez fills a three-gallon plastic pitcher with water from a tap in the cemetery, balances it on his head and trudges home, where his wife waits to soak maize kernels so she can make tortillas for breakfast.

    Funez, 38, stops briefly to help his daughter with some homework before heading back to the cemetery with the pink urn. This load fills large plastic milk and juice bottles used for drinking throughout the day.

    The tap is the family’s only source of water, so Funez makes the journey along the dusty dirt road 15 to 20 times each day.

    “My husband’s job is to fetch the water so I can do the housework. It’s like this every day, all day,” said Bianca Lopez, 46. “We can live without electricity – we have candles and lamps – but water, that’s essential.”
    Living without water: the crisis pushing people out of El Salvador

    Split Apart by Deportation, US Family Begins a New Mexican Life in San Miguel
    This month, while many Americans were readying a worldwide protest against the separation of families, the jailing of migrants in camps, and the deaths of migrants in US custody, American citizen Alena Orwin was packing her and her three children’s suitcases. The young family’s destination was San Miguel de Allende, where they ...
    Split Apart by Deportation, US Family Begins a New Mexican Life in San Miguel

    New Book of San Miguel Photographs Captures the City’s Variety
    A day, a week, maybe even a year, would not be enough time to stroll through every single space in San Miguel de Allende, to discover all the traditional flavors, climb every rooftop, and try each cocktail in the city’s bars and restaurants, never mind understand the city’s culture. Dozens of books ...
    New Book of San Miguel Photographs Captures the City’s Variety

    Hear the Wedding Bells in San Miguel?
    San Miguel de Allende has witnessed the love of more than 800 couples who have married here. The state of Guanajuato has been a favorite destination, with San Miguel being one of the most popular places in the state.

    Roughly 19 weddings take place, each week in San Miguel, yielding over 800 weddings per year!
    Hear the Wedding Bells in San Miguel?
    See also: 800 couples chose San Miguel to say yes (sp)

    Mexico makes giant sandwich to kick off ‘Torta Fair’

    Mexican chefs have created what they say is the world’s biggest “torta” as thousands gather for an annual event celebrating the traditional sandwich.

    Sandwich makers from across the country took less than three minutes to assemble the 236-foot (72-meter) creation in Mexico City, featuring a variety of fillings from ham to rib meat to seafood.
    Mexico makes giant sandwich to kick off ‘Torta Fair’

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