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    Avocado Day: Chipotle, other chains giving away free guac Wednesday despite higher cost
    While wholesale avocado prices have come down nearly $20 for a 25-pound box after an early July spike, the popular fruit still costs 80% more than this time last year, said David Magaña, vice president and senior analyst at Rabobank based in Fresno, California.

    Some restaurants have started charging more for guacamole or taking avocados off the menu. Faux guacamole recipes made from calabacitas, a small Mexican squash, have been circulating on social media.

    But despite the higher prices, National Avocado Day, held annually on July 31, hasn't been cancelled.
    Avocado Day: Chipotle, other chains giving away free guac Wednesday despite higher cost

    When it comes to eating avocados, you cannot go without mentioning guacamole. On Super Bowl Sunday, more than eight million pounds are consumed. On Cinco de Mayo, that number grows to 14 million.

    When you live in San Miguel de Allende, escaping guacamole is even more of a task. There’s hardly ever a cocktail party to which it’s not invited. Some Mexican restaurants place it on the table as a free appetizer. And everyone’s guacamole is praised as, absolutely, the very best guacamole to ever grace a table or a tongue. So I could only share Don Day’s Wife’s recipe as potentially the world’s second best which would be dangerous to my future existence. Instead, I’ll share with you the recipe of the person who, deservedly, is more famous than anyone anywhere for Mexican food, chef Rick Bayless. I will say that the most important part of Rick’s recipe is the garlic which, unfortunately, is left out of many other recipes. ...
    Don Day: Learning to love avocados.
    More #DonDay.

    Rick Bayless: Simple Guacamole
    Rick Bayless: A Master Class In Guacamoles

    Alton Brown's The Guac (with cumin).

    Diana Kennedy’s muy bueno guacamole recipe: Authentic Guacamole Recipe.

    Will you celebrate the made up holiday National Avocado Day with some genuine guacamole? What's your favorite guacamole recipe?

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