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    July 30, 2019:
    • August and September Street closures,
    • Protesting San Miguel police call for dismissal of senior officers,
    • National Guard Arrives in SMA,
    • Murders grow 268% in SMA,
    • World Friendship Day 30th July,
    • Guanajuato must be prepared to receive them: They will manage 4 thousand houses for migrants,
    • Punta Banda: From Scandal To A Diverse Paradise.

    August and September Street closures
    New #cierres partial and total in #calles of #SanMigueldeAllende for August and September. Here all the info for you to look for alternative routes.
    During the weeks of August and September, there will be partial and total closures on some roads, derived from the application of the “Maintenance and conservation of streets” program that runs the infrastructure and public works management, at like the San Miguel de Allende Potable Water and Sewerage System ... [Listed closings start July 29; click through for all of the details].
    Street closures for SAPASMA, Infrastructure and Public works in SMA

    Protesting San Miguel police call for dismissal of senior officers
    Municipal police in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, are demanding that Mayor Luis Alberto Villarreal fire the department’s leadership.

    On Sunday, officers protested outside police headquarters to demand the dismissal of their bosses as well as the implementation of a new security strategy that guarantees their safety.

    The protests started after two officers were killed in a shooting last week. Dissident police say the deaths were the result of a policing strategy that sends only one or two officers out to respond to calls, exposing them to greater risk.
    Protesting San Miguel police call for dismissal of senior officers
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    National Guard Arrives in SMA
    “As of tomorrow the national guard will be working 100% together with the authorities of #SanMigueldeAllende ": @VillarrealGTO in a group @ImagenInfoBajio, 105.9 FM. The mayor appreciates his presence and denies false rumors about alleged lack of coordination.

    Today, there was a meeting between Mayor Villarreal and Colonel Jesús Téllez of the National Guard. Tomorrow, Tuesday, July 30th, members of the National Guard and municipal police will begin working together in San Miguel, “to safeguard the integrity of the people of San Miguel.”
    National Guard Arrives in San Miguel Tomorrow
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    Murders grow 268% in SMA
    Violence has skyrocketed in San Miguel de Allende , proof of this is that during the first half of this year, the investigation folders for manslaughter increased by 269 percent , compared to last year, according to the latest report of the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP). ...

    In this regard, the mayor of San Miguel de Allende, Luis Alberto Villarreal, has commented that the executions in this municipality are account adjustments between criminal groups mainly dedicated to drug trafficking and has minimized the insecurity crisis that the city is experiencing ...
    In a year, murders grow 268% in San Miguel de Allende (sp)

    World Friendship Day 30th July
    World Friendship Day, also known as International Day of Friendship takes place on 30th July.
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    Guanajuato must be prepared to receive them: They will manage 4 thousand houses for migrants
    After managing a first package of 50 houses for low-income families, José Guadalupe Bárcenas, president of the Association of Workers Without Borders 20-30 , affiliated with the Organization of Nations Together , it will manage with the federal government the construction of some four thousand homes for Guanajuato migrants deported from the United States.

    The leader of migrants in the neighboring northern country, reported that he recently attended the Union Congress , where he seeks authorization to manage housing for deportees who arrive in Guanajuato and do not have a place to live.
    Guanajuato must be prepared to receive them: They will manage 4 thousand houses for migrants (sp)

    Punta Banda: From Scandal To A Diverse Paradise
    In 1995, as an immigrant to Ensenada from Oakland, California, I was invited to be a partner in a leading Ensenada law firm. The firm had power of attorney for three of Mexico’s most powerful banks. Including Bancomer, whose investment strategy was aggressively seeking foreign investment; this policy was exemplified by their marketing to international real estate buyers in the form of “bank trusts,” the only guarantee for ownership rights available to foreign property owners.

    Bancomer contracted our law firm to conduct a title search to insure a trust contract. The developer, Carlos Teran, had signed a joint venture agreement with the “ejido” (a farming cooperative), which had illegally taken possession of the land to be developed. Ejido lands are regulated by the government agency RAN, which determines the legitimacy of lands being classified as ejido land (as opposed to private or government properties).

    Someone at RAN adjusted the map at a time Teran started his development to include the Punta Banda peninsula. A false report of title was issued, with the intent to defraud the foreign buyer into believing the ejido had the legal right to transfer title.
    Punta Banda: From Scandal To A Diverse Paradise

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