• Glenn Wilson
    Don Day Once a king, always a king

    ... I liked just about everyone’s version of Chicken à la King. And I desperately wanted to taste it again. ... I had to smooth-talk my personal chef into creating my long lost pleasure.

    “Honey, did you like Chicken à la King?” ...

    I brought home coral colored lilies the next day for Don Day’s Wife. Stage two in the seduction would be the emailing of a possible recipe. But which one?

    Don Day Once a king, always a king. More #DonDay.

    Chicken a la king is made up of chicken breast cooked in a luscious cream sauce, and flavored with fresh mushrooms and bell peppers. You can serve it over rice, pasta, or crusty bread. You can also use it as a filling for homemade empanadas!

    Yummy Chicken a la King.

    This easy chicken a la king is the perfect way to use up some leftover chicken while at the same time making an incredibly good tasting dinner.

    Cooking Perfected Creamy Easy Chicken a la King.

    Chicken a la King is an old fashioned recipe popular in the 1960s made with chicken, colored bell peppers, and mushrooms in a cream sherry sauce.

    The recipe began appearing in cookbooks and magazines into the 1970s.

    This gourmet dish was served in many fine restaurants.

    Old Fashioned Recipes Chicken a la King.

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