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    July 29, 2019:
    • Traffic Officers Protest,
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    • Calle de Hernández Macías y Canal Closed,
    • Gunman kills 3 at Gilroy Garlic Festival,
    • Chamber Music Festival,
    • 20 uses for avocado seed,
    • Epic Construction Downturn,
    • Top tourism spots want you to stay home.

    Traffic Officers Peacefully Protest
    A group of Traffic Officers gathered today at the presidencia municipal building to peacefully demonstrate, asking for several guarantees. They were strongly supported by members of a political party, and a former Traffic Director. Some Police Officers were seen in the protest.

    They will be heard at 1:30pm by city officials. We also know that they have a document with several talking points ...
    Traffic Officers Peacefully Protest
    Elements from Seguridad Pública, Traffic and the 911 system are demonstrating outside the Seguridad Pública administrative offices. The demonstration lasted from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm, and yet the officers haven’t received any direct response from any authority. Among their list of demands is the destitution of General Rolando Hidalgo ...
    Security and Traffic elements stage a pacific demonstration in San Miguel de Allende - News San Miguel
    See also: Elements of the SSPTMYPC perform work stoppage (sp)

    Still Waiting For An Answer
    A group of at least 20 Traffic Officers have been holding a peaceful demonstration at the presidencia municipal since 7AM, Sunday. ...

    The mayor still has not met with the Transit Officers; they are pausing the protest, as of 9:15pm and will resume the demonstration Monday, at 7am.
    Still Waiting For An Answer

    Between quotation marks
    Good afternoon dear readers, again greeting them after a few days of absence, but here we are with renewed energies and an eagerness to capture on paper all the ideas that flutter in the head.

    On June 7, the day of freedom of expression was celebrated, a universal and fundamental right; Some years ago I was not aware of this date when I began to document the growing violence in the state and cases of corruption in the government, ironically that day but a few years ago they tried to shut me up for the first time, using the blows, the violence and despite the pain I decided, even with fear, to continue raising my voice.

    A few days ago I was again a victim of censorship, while broadcasting the tribute live to officers Valentín Vargas and José Villegas, an "officer" approached me to ask me to stop recording and identify myself, being dressed as a civilian I asked him that he identified himself first, refused and even used a journalist to tell me that it was my obligation to identify myself. Already in the parking lot of the administrative building, he pulled me to ask for my cell phone, to which I refused.
    Between quotation marks (sp)

    Calle de Hernández Macías y Canal Closed Monday
    IMPORTANT NOTICE: From 9 in the morning, this Monday, July 29, we will be working on the street of Hernández Macías y Canal; so it will be closed for vehicular traffic.

    A gunman killed 3 people -- including a 6-year-old boy -- and injured 11 others at a California food festival
    The rock band TinMan was playing its last song for a crowd of a couple hundred people at the annual Gilroy Garlic Festival on Sunday evening in Northern California. Nearby, families sat eating, kids were playing and vendors were looking to make their last sales. Then the gun fire started.

    "We ran off the stage (and) we crawled underneath it," TinMan singer Christian Swain said. "We could smell the gunpowder," Swain said.

    Three people were killed and at least 11 others were injured, law enforcement officials said. A 6-year-old was among those killed, his family said. A shooter was also killed, Gilroy Police Chief Scot Smithee said.
    A gunman killed 3 people -- including a 6-year-old boy -- and injured 11 others at a California food festival

    Chamber Music Festival
    August 2-31, 2019
    Our mission is to bring the highest quality music and music education to San Miguel de Allende. Our vision is to make San Miguel de Allende an international music destination.
    Chamber Music Festival | Festival de Música de Cámara

    20 surprising ways to use an avocado seed
    You won’t believe the amazing ways that avocado seeds can be used. You can create jewelry, dye fabric, make shampoo, and use them in many other fun craft and kitchen projects. ... Below, you’ll find twenty fun, healthy, and creative ideas.
    20 surprising ways to use an avocado seed

    Hit by Epic Construction Downturn, Mexico Faces Reality: New President Tries to Get Folks to Play by the Rules, and Everything Stalls
    Construction activity in Mexico registered its biggest year-on-year fall in May since records began, in 2006, according to a monthly survey of construction companies carried out by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI). It was the fourth consecutive month of declining activity.

    The total productive value of construction projects under development contracted 3.1% between April and May this year and 10.3% between May 2018 and May 2019. During the same 12-month period, the total hours worked in the sector fell by 5.2% and the total number of (official) workers employed fell by 4.9%, to the lowest level since records began.
    Hit by Epic Construction Downturn, Mexico Faces Reality: New President Tries to Get Folks to Play by the Rules, and Everything Stalls

    The world’s top tourism spots want you to stay home next holiday season
    Today they pile off cruise ships and coaches, go on whirlwind tours run by non-locals, take umpteen selfies and buy little more than a cheap trinket made in China. ...

    While tourism creates jobs and wealth, there is growing awareness of its negative impacts, from environmental damage to the destruction of neighbourhoods as residents are priced out.

    The problems have created a backlash, spawning anti-tourism movements and protests from Amsterdam to Rome and Dubrovnik, the Croatian city featured in the TV show Game of Thrones.
    The world’s top tourism spots want you to stay home next holiday season

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