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    Ever thought about what might happen if you were in a bad fall, car accident or other emergency situation that left you unable to communicate with responders? And you may have decided the best course of action is to set up an ICE (in case of emergency) contact in your phone ― just in case.

    Unfortunately, that’s probably not enough.

    You should always password-protect your phone to prevent sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands. But that means creating an ICE number in your contacts won’t do you any good, because the person with your phone would have to know how to unlock it to find that information. A police officer who needs to contact a family member or an emergency room doctor who needs to know your blood type won’t be able to hack into your phone.

    Fortunately, most of today’s smartphones come with a feature that allows you to enter ICE data that’s accessible from your phone’s lock screen, including emergency contacts and important medical information. And even if it doesn’t, there’s an easy way around it.

    How To Set An Emergency Contact On Your Android Or iPhone's Lock Screen

    Android phones can vary based on brand and version so the directions in that article may not work for your Android phone. If your phone lets you search settings, search for owner information or contact information or lock screen or use the scree shot / image hack in the above article. You can also try googling for something like: lock screen message s8 using your phone model instead of s8,

    You can also set up emergency location sharing for your smartphone.

    Smartphones are spectacular for snapping photos, scanning the news, and sending messages, but they can also be literal lifesavers if you take the time to set them up before the need arises.

    Both Android and iOS have easy-to-use systems for sharing your location with a friend, family member, or other trusted contact in an emergency.

    The key to all of this is to configure your emergency system ahead of time so it’ll be available in case an actual emergency occurs. Take two minutes now, and then rest easy knowing your phone’s ready.

    How to set up emergency location sharing on Android and iOS.

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  • Glenn Wilson
    As additional motivation to set it up, this article discusses taxi safety and suggests using smartphone location sharing to reduce the odds of being kidnapped and to improve the odds of being located if it happens.

    Experts recommend that people familiarize themselves with their route routes, in addition to carrying cell phone charging and mobile data to continuously share their location in real time. ...

    In these situations it is essential to maintain the total cell phone and mobile data load to share locations; If he did not have them, he recommended taking pictures of the places.

    Burciaga recommended getting acquainted with the routes to identify if the drivers deviate from the road and suggested, in addition, that one can pretend that location information is shared with someone in order to try to deter an attempted kidnapping. ...

    It is also important to identify the license plate number and share them with someone, ”said Vallejo.

    They want to kidnap me! ... what to do in an emergency? (sp)
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