• Glenn Wilson
    I had heard about Juan's Cafe some time ago. "A nice coffee shop and restaurant across from the Biblioteca." I know where La Biblioteca is and I've been there or passed by on Insurgentes a number of times. I would often remember to keep an eye out for Juan's. But I never saw it.

    La Biblioteca is on a corner. The front faces Insurgentes and the side faces Reloj. Juan's Cafe is on Reloj across from La Biblioteca. Reloj, not Insurgentes. Armed with that bit of information it is pretty easy to find.

    They have a breakfast special for $115 pesos that includes your choice of various egg dishes, plus a small fruit plate, small orange juice and coffee. Here are some of their other menu items:


    There is also a more extensive printed menu.

    I asked if they had anything vegan and they suggested refried beans, breakfast potatoes and vegetables. I got the "special" version so it included the fruit plate, orange juice and coffee. And a choice of bread or tortillas.


    I went with the tortillas. After I ordered, another table's bread order passed by my table. The bread looked and smelled great. My tortillas and food were good. The coffee was piping hot and flavorful.

    Google Maps | Trip Advisor

    Sun 9 am - 3 pm
    Mon - Sat 9 am - 5 pm

    Reloj 37, Centro,
    San Miguel de Allende 37729, Mexico

    (415) 152 2332

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  • Dagmar Bischoff Garfinkel
    It's great food, you can always find interesting and like-minded people there, and Juan is a gem. No, I'm not getting paid for this, Juan doesn't even know me. But I sure love the place and the "attitude".
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