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    Latest Changes:
    • SMA: 5 new cases, 19 active confirmed cases.
    • GTO: 13 new deaths, 298 new cases.
    • MEX: 387 new deaths.

    "The government has said the real number of infected people is likely significantly higher than the confirmed cases." Reuters.

    See: Understanding Mexico's Covid Statistics. We are in the middle of a pandemic. The confirmed cases represent a small percent of actual infections, so "don't let your guard down."

    See: What do the CDMX death certificates tell us? Update through September 20. Excess mortality analysis tells us that the official death statistics miss some Covid-19 deaths.

    SMA: 35 deaths, 607 confirmed, 39 suspected, 553 recovered.
    SMA: 35 deaths, 602 confirmed, 43 suspected, 548 recovered (previous).
    SMA New cases, active cases and 7 day moving averages: Google Spreadsheet.
    coronavirus.sanmigueldeallende.gob.mx (<< click for latest). (SMA numbers are also available on the GTO site, next.)
    In the dashboard above there are 607 confirmed cases - 35 deaths - 553 recovered = 19 active confirmed cases.

    GTO: 3,081 deaths, 46,083 confirmed, 2,617 suspected
    GTO: 3,068 deaths, 45,785 confirmed, 2,631 suspected (previous).
    coronavirus.guanajuato.gob.mx (<< click for latest and the full chart of municipalities).

    For the latest SMA News 24/7 visit News Wire Mexico: SMA. Updated every 30 minutes.
    Beginning Saturday October 3, 2020 the Government is only testing 1 out of ten symptomatic cases. The numbers will look lower but but it is due to less testing.Joey Merrifield

    This refers to people in GTO (including SMA) that present to certain medical facilities with symptoms of Covid. There is another methodology change happening at this same time described at: Covid numbers leap as authorities change methodology.

    COVID Testing Policy Change
    Beginning next week, SMA will offer free testing for all patients who meet symptomatic criteria.
    Covid-19 SMA Oct 14

    It is not clear how much these changes will impact the official statistics.
    Mexico Data and Interactive Maps
    Click here for the current data and interactive maps.

    Mexico: 834,910 cases and 85,285 deaths (click for latest).
    Mexico: 829,396 cases and 84,898 deaths (previous).

    USA | Canada | World (click for latest).

    Johns Hopkins
    Mexico | World (click for latest).
    Covid data comparisons ("New" cases, etc) are between the two most recent official reports. Official SMA and GTO data is released in the early afternoon (sometime after 2 pm) and Official Mexico data is released in the evening.
    Section: SMA

    This was the staircase in the Cerro de Las Tres Cruces, the one that Sapasma destroyed to make a water tank.
    SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE.- The pre-Hispanic staircase that led to the Ceremonial Center of the Three Crosses, no longer exists today. With a backhoe they removed the stones from the stones that were part of the mound that the satellite view of Google Maps left for the memory of how it was before the managers ...
    News San Miguel (sp) | English.

    Luis alberto villarreal delivery 144 pantries with frozen chicken.
    SMA Government (sp) | English.

    City council snubs invitation to dialogue on the creation of boards.
    Noticias Con Valor (sp) | English.

    Expatriates Will Have Free Access to Flu Vaccine.
    Atención San Miguel

    San Miguel de Allende exceeds 600 confirmed positive cases of Covid-19.
    Noticias Con Valor (sp) | English.

    More SMA news from News Wire Mexico.

    Section: GTO

    Daniel Velazquez shares objectives of the new AHSMA committee to promote the sector in these times of crisis.
    SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE. - Last Friday, October 9, the change of committee for the 2020-2022 period of the Hotel Association took place, Jorge Olalde was appointed president to Daniel Velazquez of the Hotel La Estación. A week after the taking of the protest, today we spoke with ...
    News San Miguel (sp) | English.

    León students receive packages of school supplies.
    Boletines Dependencias (sp) | English.

    Moviendo a San Miguel: 4 initiatives to reactivate the local economy.
    San Miguel Times

    VIDEO. 7 years ago General Salvador Cienfuegos visited León.
    Periódico AM (sp) | English.

    Mom tries to save her son who fell into a pond, they both drowned.
    Periódico AM (sp) | English.

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    Section: Health

    SSG commemorates World Day to Fight Breast Cancer on Monday.
    Guanajuato, Gto. October 16, 2020.- The Guanajuato Health Secretariat (SSG), joins this October 19 the World Day to Fight Breast Cancer; to sensitize the population about the importance of early detection, timely care, treatment and palliative care. Daniel Díaz Martínez Secretary of Health reported ...
    Boletines Dependencias (sp) | English.

    Second batch of influenza vaccines arrives in CDMX.
    El Universal (sp) | English.

    Belgium imposes curfews and restaurant closures to curb virus.
    La Voz de Michoacán (sp) | English.

    Medical infrastructure strengthened in irapuato.
    Periódico AM (sp) | English.

    700 college students test positive in New York.
    The Yucatan Times

    More Health news from News Wire Mexico.

    Section: Nature

    The archaeological treasures that global warming has revealed in the Alps.
    Although climate change has allowed these discoveries, it has also complicated their conservation. Experts ask hikers for support
    El Universal (sp) | English.

    Invisible supermoon. What it is, how it can be seen in Mexico today.
    Milenio (sp) | English.

    Frustration and tiredness; Tabasco victims ask for help after rains.
    The Mazatlán Post

    CdMx weather today October 16, 2020: hot day and no rain.
    Milenio (sp) | English.

    Recommendations to face COVID-19 in public spaces and in our work environment.
    Zona Franca (sp) | English.

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    Section: Blogs

    Revisiting Styron.
    Bonnie Lee Black wrote: For a long time he was my favorite living American writer. You might say I idolized him. I read William Styron’s books worshipfully, knowing full well I could never emulate his writing. He belonged to a too-lofty pantheon, way beyond my reach. I clearly remember reading...
    San Miguel FAQ

    Vicariously dancing.
    View From Casita Colibrí

    GTO and SMA Death Rates: Understanding Mexico's Covid Statistics Part IV.
    San Miguel FAQ

    An Ostrich-Plumed Hat: Chapter Three.
    Postcards from San Antonio

    Natural Healing Retama.
    Surviving Mexico

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    Section: Art

    Covid 19 hits artisans in the lake area of Michoacán - Quadratín.
    Producers from Salvador Escalante, Pátzcuaro and Uruapan affirmed.
    Quadratín Michoacán (sp) | English.

    SEG teacher creates avatar to teach music remotely.
    Boletines Dependencias (sp) | English.

    Society in Mexico does not give a decent place to the artist ... and less to dancers, says Isaac Hernández.
    Zona Franca (sp) | English.

    Iconic sculptures add to the commemoration of the month of the fight against breast cancer.
    SMA Government (sp) | English.

    Eucalyptus 20: a bridge between the Mexican LGBT movement of yesterday and tomorrow.
    The Mazatlán Post

    More Art news from News Wire Mexico.

    Section: Food

    Due to Covid, restaurants and cafes will close for four weeks in Belgium.
    The decision aims to avoid "absolutely" a new confinement; specialists consider such sites as "the most spreading" of the virus
    El Universal (sp) | English.

    Comedor del Valle, a gastromusical site in CDMX.
    El Universal (sp) | English.

    With difficulty meeting their food needs, 16.2 million households in Mexico: Inegi.
    El Universal (sp) | English.

    The milpa, key to a healthy diet in Mexico.
    El Universal (sp) | English.

    Coca-Cola to eliminate Tab brand, the diet drink of the 80s.
    La Voz de Michoacán (sp) | English.

    More Food news from News Wire Mexico.

    Section: Business

    This amount of followers you must have to earn money on TikTok.
    If there is a clear way to turn your TikTok account into a profitable business, it all starts with the type of content you generate, and applying other strategies that we share here
    El Universal (sp) | English.

    President of FIL Guadalajara calls to defend the book of populist governments, in the delivery of the Princess of Asturias.
    El Universal (sp) | English.

    Treasury removes stimulus to gasoline; this you will pay tax.
    Milenio (sp) | English.

    Cabildo endorses return to councilors economic compensation.
    El Sol de Puebla (sp) | English.

    Daniel Velazquez shares objectives of the new AHSMA committee to promote the sector in these times of crisis.
    News San Miguel (sp) | English.

    More Business news from News Wire Mexico.

    Section: Sports

    They say I have not followed protocols, but it is false: Cristiano responds to Minister.
    The Sports Minister of Italy called Cristiano's attitude arrogant and disrespectful
    El Universal (sp) | English.

    Bad Men, the documentary that follows the binational baseball team Los Tecolotes de los Dos Laredos.
    Zona Franca (sp) | English.

    Sports legacy of Roberto Bárcena recognized, plaque unveiled in his honor.
    Periodico Correo (sp) | English.

    Governor of Jalisco, between crime and his "good touch" of the ball.
    El Universal (sp) | English.

    Wimbledon raises closed-door tournament for 2021.
    Diario de Querétaro (sp) | English.

    More Sports news from News Wire Mexico.

    Section: Security

    They find dismembered body on the road to Salamanca.
    It was local residents who made the discovery and notified 911, a situation that led to the mobilization of the police authorities
    The charge They find a dismembered body on the road to Salamanca appeared first in Newspaper Correo.
    Periodico Correo (sp) | English.

    12 Puebla state police officers are suspended for alleged administrative offenses.
    El Sol de Puebla (sp) | English.

    They dismantle a gang that trafficked drugs through the image of Mafalda.
    La Voz de Michoacán (sp) | English.

    Cyber scams. Banks foresee increase due to digital operations.
    Milenio (sp) | English.

    CDMX authorities found 27 bags with cancer medications: they could be the same ones that were stolen.
    Infobae (sp) | English.

    More Security news from News Wire Mexico.

    Section: International

    Wall Street gains on vaccine news, retail sales surprise.
    U.S. stocks advanced on Friday as further clarity regarding the timeline for the development of a coronavirus vaccine and upbeat retail sales data and brought buyers back to the market.

    U.S. energy secretary cuts short Midwest trip after aides test positive for COVID-19.

    Extend-and-Pretend, Stimulus Caused Bankruptcies to Plunge in Germany, France, Spain. Now Central Banks Tell Banks to Prepare for Bankruptcy Surge.
    Wolf Street

    French police shoot dead man who slit teacher's throat.

    U.S. 2020 fiscal year deficit hits record $3.132 trillion: Treasury.

    More International news from News Wire Mexico.
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