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    Barry Ritholtz wrote: During October, I like to focus on the cars I would be happy to put in my garage and drive. I have admired the Chevy Corvette Stingray from afar, but never really thought of owning one. Plastic (fiberglass) where steel and aluminum should be, tending towards creaky, rattles and other issues.

    Except the second generation (C2) the Corvette split rear window coupe. This model was the first-ever production Corvette coupe with a fastback body. The split window C2s like the one below were only made in 1963; the rest of the C2 models running through 1967 had a single wraparound piece of glass for better rear visibility.

    To me, this is simply the most striking Vette ever made. There is something about this car that is just indescribably beautiful. The lines, curves, the profile, all still looks strikingly modern and well balanced. I could also happily live with a C2 convertible if I had to, even though the open top car loses many of the beautiful lines and curves of the coupe. ...


    More at The Big Picture: 1963 Corvette Stingray Split Window Coupe. More #BigPicture.

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