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    Bonnie Lee Black wrote: For a long time he was my favorite living American writer. You might say I idolized him. I read William Styron’s books worshipfully, knowing full well I could never emulate his writing. He belonged to a too-lofty pantheon, way beyond my reach.

    I clearly remember reading Styron’s 562-page novel Sophie’s Choice in one weekend when it came out in 1979. I was living in New York at the time, in a studio apartment on Riverside Drive, working on my own first book for Viking Press, Somewhere Child. I remember doing nothing else that weekend — hardly budging from my reading chair to eat or sleep or shower or dress – physically immobilized yet emotionally and spiritually swept away by Styron’s wrenching story and his transcendent words.

    I remember falling in love with William Styron that weekend. Not in a romantic sense but in a kind of misty adoration. I’d always been an avid reader of good books; but this book, in that moment, when I was struggling to write the story of my missing daughter, spoke to me like no other book ever had. I resolved to send a copy of Somewhere Child to Styron as a thank-you gift, as soon as it was published.

    So I did. ...

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