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    Gallery rescues Mexican folk art in San Miguel
    It's said that if you're not an artist, when you visit San Miguel de Allende it will be. In the same way, when you enter the Atotonilco Gallery by Mayer Shacter, when you leave, you will be a great admirer of Mexican art.

    Shacter, a former potter from Berkeley, California, who has lived in Mexico since 2003, is much more than the curator of the gallery. Travel to the remotest corners of the country to meet artists and learn about their art. Then he brings his works to his gallery and instructs his clients. ...

    His favorites include ceramics from Tonalá, Jalisco. He is very enthusiastic about the work of Gerónimo Ramos, one of the few artisans who still produce cetatillo cetatillo, with luminous yellow backgrounds and shaded with stripes, which look like a palm mat or mat. The narrower the stripes, the thinner the piece. These works require a certain type of clay to generate a smooth surface to paint. Above the stripes, the artist usually paints images in white, green and cream. One of the most frequent is the nagual, a mythical creature, half human and half animal. Then the piece has to be baked twice to have brightness.

    Gallery rescues Mexican folk art in San Miguel

    Descubriendo Galeria Atotonilco Parte 1. English with Spanish subtitles.

    Deepen your appreciation of Mexican culture with an experience that will be an enduring source of delight. Take home an exceptional piece of art available only in this Mexican folk art and antiques gallery.

    Gallery owner Mayer Shacter shares his knowledge and stories freely, having traveled all over México to select each item. He brings over fifty years of experience as a collector, dealer, and ceramic artist.

    Every purchase supports a hardworking, talented family of artists and helps to preserve Mexico’s distinctive culture.
    Galería Atotonilco

    Galería Atotonilco

    Now with a Showroom in Fábrica La Aurora!

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