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    Update: ** Postponed until further notice ** (see Facebook).

    11 am - 3 pm, Salón Los Pinos, Salida a Querétaro #145.
    Since 2011. Free admission.

    If you want to sell come between 9 and 10 am and ask for Angela.
    Cost of place 150 p / with table 250 p.
    Facebook La Pulga Flea Market San Miguel

    What is La Pulga San Miguel? Where did it come from? Who started it?
    Here is some background ...

    Another project has been La PULGA Flea Market San Miguel. The monthly event is free to enter and open to the public with 150 vendors, a mix of regulars and one-timers, offering all sorts of things. What Angela is most proud of is that the event is not tourism dependent – it is put on for and run by locals and would continue even if tourism slowed down.
    Building Inclusive Communities

    La Pulga San Miguel 1 Año

    A love of second hand markets led Angela Lewis Serrano and Klaudia Oliver to create La Pulga San Miguel. Our first year saw thousands of San Miguel de Allende's citizens flock to La Pulga. From cool vintage finds, crafts, gourmet food, antiques, artisans, dancers, hoola-hoopers, musicians, young, old, Mexicans, Americans, ex-pats, and dogs --- everyone LOVES La Pulga San Miguel.

    La Pulga Flea Market San Miguel Celebrates Four Years (May 2015)

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