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    They demand justice for Ximena's family
    Relatives and friends of Ximena , the 14-year-old teenager who died in a gunshot attack in the first minutes of Sunday, demonstrated outside the Deputy Attorney General's Office to demand justice and the cessation of attacks.

    She died in the attack, while her mother and sister were injured. The attack occurred within four blocks of the Deputy Attorney General's Office , while the girl and her family dined in a taqueria.

    They demand justice for Ximena's family

    We do not have the faculties to open inquiries: Luis Alberto Villareal
    This fact goes beyond any other event that happened in our municipality , because it is about civilians, that the only sin they committed was to be in a public space and they were victims of these criminals. — Luis Alberto Villarreal
    We do not have the faculties to open inquiries: Luis Alberto Villareal

    Xime and Elena, innocent victims of a shooting
    The dawn of this Sunday, a shoot-out in the Avenue of the Americas left like balance two people without life and three injured, hours later died one of the injured ones, one minor of only 13 years of age. The two lifeless women were in a taco business when the attack on the man was unleashed.
    Xime and Elena, innocent victims of a shooting

    Between quotation marks
    Today 8 July we mourn Xime and Elena, two victims of this violence overflowed in San Miguel de Allende. They were in the place they were not in the wrong place or time, they were making their normal life in a city where gunshots have become common, ...
    Between quotation marks

    Last goodbye to Ximena
    At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, Xime's coffin arrived at the San Francisco Temple, where it was received by friends of the Secondary School and relatives, who dressed in white, with balloons and flowers in their hands. during the funeral and until its final resting place.

    Ximena was a 14-year-old teenager who was the victim on Saturday of unknown subjects who opened fire indiscriminately on Avenida de las Américas in front of a taco business.

    Last goodbye to Ximena

    Councilor asks not to share "red notes" about San Miguel de Allende
    Later on social networks the City Councilman, Humberto Campos Trujillo through his official social networks, stated that if you want San Miguel de Allende, do not share "red" notes of criminal acts, only positive notes.

    "If you want San Miguel, do not share red notes, just share positive notes , do it for a better San Miguel (we promote a beautiful image of our municipality)" said Humberto Campos Trujillo.

    Councilor asks not to share

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