• Glenn Wilson
    Update. Make sure you are using the latest version of Whatsapp: WhatsApp Update Warning.

    There is the issue of privacy and WhatsApp being owned by Facebook. See: Stop Using WhatsApp If You Care About Your Privacy. If that is a concern for you and you will never use WhatsApp, then you can stop reading.

    WhatsApp is a free messaging app for your smart phone. I have only used it for text-like messages but it can do a lot more. A lot of folks in San Miguel use WhatsApp. If you want to communicate with them easily and effectively you can use WhatsApp, too. WhatsApp uses the contacts from your phone to communicate with other WhatsApp users.

    But, trying to use my U.S. based cell phone no local contacts showed up in WhatsApp. It took me awhile to stumble across the reason and how to fix it. I needed to add country codes to my contacts. Also, by doing that my cell contacts worked in both the U.S. and in Mexico. And the same contacts work on my U.S. cell phone and on my Mexico cell phone.

    To enter a local San Miguel cell phone number I use:
    +52 1 415 123 4567
    On Android you can type the '+' by holding down zero on the keypad. iPhone has a separate key for that. 52 is the country code for Mexico. In Mexico, the '1' indicates you are calling a cell phone. (This '1' is no longer required.) Then the area code (415) and number.

    Or, for a U.S. number:
    +1 914 123 4567
    Same thing but with the country code for the U.S ('1') then area code and number.

    Numbers in your contacts in this format can be found and used by WhatsApp.

    Phone numbers in Mexico vary based on if you are calling a land line, or a cell phone, or another city, etc and if you are calling from a land line or cell phone.

    If you are having trouble getting a contact right in your phone for it to work with WhatsApp or just to call the phone number, or for more about making phone calls, in general, within, from or to Mexico see Sonia Diaz's web page about Phone Calls moved to etc.

    Here are a few of my WhatsApp contacts you might find useful. They speak English. Call a cab, a locksmith or a handyman with a WhatsApp text:

    Pickme Taxi: +52 1 415 169 5757
    Martha Vizcaino, Locksmith: +52 1 415 103 3306
    Jose Vega, Vega Construction (Handyman; plumbing, painting, electrical, small jobs): +52 1 415 138 6710
    (Update: The "1" between the +52 and 415 is no longer required.)

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  • Ira Goldman
    thanks, the little trick about adding the country code and the #1 did the trick for local contacts
  • Glenn Wilson
    Another is Clean Space Mario's:
    On my US cell phone I have the two cell numbers entered as
    +52 1 415 103 5113
    +52 1 415 105 0404
    Both of those numbers work with WhatsApp. A few days ago a certain cat (@Schuster) vomited on a white queen size bedspread. Mario's picked it up, laundered it, and returned it for 120 pesos. No stains, no spots.
  • Glenn Wilson
    Providencia gas delivery +52 415 109 5357 (stationary tanks). I have only used my (no bueno) spanish with them on Whatsapp.

    For Cylinders — +52 415 124 8896 (I have not tried this number).

    For VIP Club Card holders $60 centavos will be taken off the price of a tank refill that is posted on the truck and that amount is reflected on your factura. Please remember that the price is officially set as a ceiling price each month by the Mexican government. You must show your card or NO DISCOUNT.
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