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    Qroo Paul wrote: This past week Linda and I renewed our driver’s licenses in Tulum, Mexico. The renewal process involved submitting copies of all the same paperwork that was required to get the license in the first place: passport, resident card, driver’s license, proof of address (CFE bill) and CURP.

    There are other times when it’s useful to know how to locate and print one’s CURP, so I thought I would do a post on it. Mostly so I can find the information in the future when I have to print it out again for some reason.

    I realize that the majority of our readers have no idea what a CURP even is, so I’ll start there. ...

    Read the whole post from Qroo Paul at Locating and Printing Your Mexican CURP. More #QrooPaul.

    See also: Check your CURP. (Site to check / print your CURP).

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  • Glenn Wilson
    Residents (permanent and temporary) and citizens have a CURP number. Those on a tourist visa do not. The number is on your Mexican Driver's License and Permanent or Temporary Resident Card. At least it is on mine.

    On the Check your CURP website ...

    If you have your CURP number and want to verify it and / or produce the CURP document:
    Type it in and if that works and it shows your data then you have the right value.

    If that did not work or you do not have your CURP:
    Select Datos Personales and enter your personal data to pull up your CURP. For me, the Nombre is my first and middle names, Primer apellido is my last name and Segundo apellido is blank. Estado is state of birth, which is for me, 'Nacido en el extranjero' from the dropdown.
    Don't use accents when entering data and upper / lower case differences don't matter.
    CURP: step by step to obtain the key on the internet. (sp) | English.
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