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    Section: SMA

    The Underpass will transform San Miguel de Allende.
    Improves the urban image of 'El pípila'; Mayor highlights teamwork between state government, municipality and residents of the area
    Periodico Correo (sp) | English.

    Even with a pandemic, the “Conspiracy Race” was carried out normally.
    TV Independencia (sp) | English.

    Follows from home the transmission of the cry of independence from san miguel de allende.
    SMA Government (sp) | English.

    The confrontation between an SMA police officer and a woman who was returning home.
    News San Miguel (sp) | English.

    Another sanmiguelense dies from Covid-19.
    Noticias Con Valor (sp) | English.

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    Section: Health

    Confirmed Covid-19 Cases in Mexico as of September 14, State by State.
    El Universal (sp) | English.

    Down, deaths from coronavirus in Puebla.
    El Sol de Puebla (sp) | English.

    China coronavirus vaccine may be ready for public in November - official.

    Covid shuts up mariachis and snatches clients, friends and work.
    El Universal (sp) | English.

    Lack of equipment and bad protocols increased the death of medical personnel in Mexico.
    Zona Franca (sp) | English.

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    Section: Nature

    Sally threatens the US; Paulette hits Bermuda.
    The first, a Category 2 hurricane, is approaching Mississippi, while the other leaves disaster on islands
    El Universal (sp) | English.

    Covid-19 also has effects on seismology.
    El Universal (sp) | English.

    Sally brings 100-mph winds as it rumbles into U.S. Gulf Coast.

    Funds and firms call for tougher 2030 EU climate target.

    Fire crews are doing 'good work' to contain raging wildfires in Oregon and California. Now it's the weather's turn to help.

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    Section: Blogs

    when adventure comes knocking.
    When we were last together on Sunday, I was sitting in the Los Angeles Airport at 5:30 in the morning -- almost by myself.

    My flight to Seattle was almost as lonely. Alaska's first class seats are arranged in a 2-2 configuration. But the virus has altered that formula. Seating is now 1-0-0-1. That means that half of the seats in First class remain unsold.

    That is how my flight to Seattle went -- with only six of us in the cabin.

    It seemed as if everything was moving along just as it had been boringly planned. That was about to change for me. I was going to get the adventure I had hoped for.

    When we landed in Seattle, my telephone informed me my flight to Redmond had been cancelled. I knew the reason why. From Los Angeles to Seattle, we saw nothing but smoke. There was not a single break until we were within 500 feet of landing in Seattle. That type of visibility presents problems for large aluminum tubes hurtling toward the ground at high speeds -- what we call

    Delinquency Rates of Student-Housing CMBS Already Spiked in 2019. Then Came Covid.
    Wolf Street

    Postcard from Merida, Mexico: A trio of restaurants for dining well.
    Postcards from San Antonio

    A lesson from the butterfly’s second life.
    Musings, Magic, SMA

    Human Smugglers Continue to Cash In on Haitian Migrants.
    InSight Crime

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    Section: Art

    Face masks, new canvases for the Oaxacan Alejandro Martínez.
    The artist reactivated the art market by taking his works to the masks that he already sells even in the US, Germany and Italy; now employs 20 people from four families who make the pieces
    El Universal (sp) | English.

    Starting at 7:00 p.m., Virtual Cultural Festival of Michoacán.
    Cambio de Michoacán (sp) | English.

    Tribute to Beethoven by artists from Guanajuato at the virtual FIC.
    El Universal (sp) | English.

    Frida Kahlo: a life between tragedy, art and promiscuity.
    CSC Noticias (sp) | English.

    They analyze granting permits to the 'tianguis de los hippies' and living statues during the FIC.
    Periodico Correo (sp) | English.

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    Section: Food

    From traditional stoves to virtual reality | Together we grow.
    The health emergency served chef Irving López as a springboard to start a business that would fill people's palates with joy and flavors and, at the same time, defray his expenses
    El Sol de Puebla (sp) | English.

    UK's Domino's Pizza to create 5,000 new jobs.

    Chinese firms bet on plant-based meat as coronavirus fuels healthy eating trend.

    Expensive molcajetes! In the United States, they are worth up to 1,200 pesos.
    La Voz de Michoacán (sp) | English.

    Restaurant Week 2020 begins in the Riviera Nayarit with a “patriotic” twist.
    Puerto Vallarta News

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    Section: Business

    Walmart's Flipkart to hire 70,000 in India ahead of big shopping event.
    Walmart Inc's Flipkart said on Tuesday it would create 70,000 new jobs and employ many more as delivery partners and in other roles as it prepares for a surge in online shopping during the busy Indian festive season.

    IEA says oil demand recovery set to slow for rest of 2020.

    Pandemic-proof Apple to kick off lineup for critical holiday season.

    "A sad Cry of Independence": sellers of national articles.
    El Sol de Puebla (sp) | English.

    Limón boasts improvement in Tlaquepaque's finances.
    El Informador (sp) | English.

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    Section: Sports

    Lin ends Ducks stint to rekindle NBA dream.
    Jeremy Lin says leaving Chinese team Beijing Ducks is one of the hardest decisions of his life but necessary to revive his National Basketball Association (NBA) career.

    Opinion: COVID-19, wildfires force Oakland A's, Seattle Mariners to reckon with our contemporary woes.

    'Caddyshack' star Michael O'Keefe caddies for golf pro during U.S. Open practice round.

    The exclavadista, Luis Niño de Rivera, asks for a real change in the FMN.
    El Universal (sp) | English.

    The Dallas Cowboys and their eternal normality.
    El Universal (sp) | English.

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    Section: Security

    Two dozen Hong Kong activists appear in court over banned Tiananmen vigil.
    Two dozen Hong Kong pro-democracy activists appeared in court on Tuesday to hear charges of participating in an illegal assembly over a June 4 vigil commemorating the crackdown on protesters in and around Beijing's Tiananmen Square in 1989.

    Activists decry 'genocide' of China's Uighur minority: letter.

    Indonesia to beef-up patrols after China coastguard raises suspicion.

    Former Nissan executive Kelly's trial begins in Tokyo without Ghosn.

    More police kill in Guanajuato than in the US.
    Periódico AM (sp) | English.

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