• Glenn Wilson

    By Andrew Osta

    When Coronavirus hit the United States earlier this year, I knew that Mexico would suffer greatly as well. Tourism would be affected, businesses would close, our normal cycles disturbed. For the first time in many years, I worried about the future. "Could it be that people will stop buying art?" I wondered. "If financial markets crash, if our currency devalues, who will spend on a luxury like an original oil painting?"

    These dark thoughts initially put a roadblock in front of my creativity. One wonders "What's the point of making art when people are dying, when tomorrow is so uncertain?" But then an artist has to do something while in lockdown and so inevitably returns to making art. In my own case, I found that being engaged in creation greatly relieved my anxiety. The process of putting paint on canvas is tremendously therapeutic.

    Because it's a generally slow process, there is plenty of time to think, to process information. Painting has the same effect on the mind as sleeping and dreaming, in the sense that one's intimate hidden thoughts slowly get revealed, faced, and re-organized. Painting can become an extended meditation if you allow it too. Not many of us can sit with our legs crossed watching our breath for any significant length of time, but standing in front of a canvas with a brush in hand can be remarkably similar, especially if you do not impose expectations on your creativity but allow whatever emerges to emerge organically.

    Continue reading (and see more art pics) at Lokkal: Art in Quarantine. More #Lokkal.

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