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    Guanajuato, San Miguel Allende and San Luis de la Paz are venues for the filming of the Hollywood film “No Man’s Land”, produced by Robert Allyn and directed by Conor Allyn. ... Frank Grillo, Andie McDowell, George Lopez, Jorge Jiménez star in this Western-style contemporary drama. In addition, great actors like Ofelia Medina, Esmerelda Pimentel and Andrés Delgado appear.

    San Miguel Herald Hollywood in San Miguel

    If you spend much time in Mexico, you can’t help but notice that many of the homes in the small towns and rural areas appear to be in a state of mid-construction. It’s not uncommon to see unfinished block walls and rebar sticking up out of the roofs on numerous houses in any given neighborhood.

    Two Expats Mexico Did You Know the Majority of Homes in Mexico Are Not Built by Professionals? More #QrooPaul.

    The Pro Musica Scholarship Fund is launching an annual Young Classical Musician of the Year Competition to find the most talented young instrumental players in Mexico with prizes totaling $500,000 pesos for the winners. The Semi-Finals and the Finals will take place in San Miguel from 23-25 March, 2020 and this Concorso will be called Young Classical Musician 2020.

    DiscoverSMA Pro Musica launches Young Classical Musician Competition

    Surrounded by old, rickety benches and tables covered with dust, with a light bulb that hangs from an electric cord, in a classroom made of reeds gathered from the nearby river, 25 high school students from various rural communities of San Miguel de Allende recently completed their high school education, taught by...

    Atención In This Rural School, High-Tech Learning Happens in Low-Tech Classrooms

    ...see the following numbers and detailed expenses: Cuernavaca, Veracruz Port, Mexico, D.F. ...


    The Eastern Pacific finally has its first tropical cyclone of 2019: Tropical Storm Alvin, which formed Wednesday morning in the waters about 450 miles southwest of Manzanillo, Mexico. At 11 am Wednesday, Alvin was a minimal-strength tropical storm with 40 mph winds and was headed west at 14 mph, away from Mexico. ... Alvin is expected to continue a west to west-northwesterly motion, away from Mexico, and is not a threat to any land areas.

    WeatherUnderground Tropical Storm Alvin Forms in Eastern Pacific; the Atlantic Remains Quiet

    Police responded to a report of gunshots on Avenida Luis Donaldo Colosio. They found a man without vital signs. ... Police searched for and arrested three subjects...

    San Miguel Herald Three Detained for Murder | Google Map

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