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    Yesterday, we spotted a malnourished, dirty, scared dog in the Campo. He had a thick rope hanging from his neck, so tight he was having a hard time breathing. So timid and fearful, he came only close enough to eat food we put down. He wanted the food so bad, but eating was slow probably because of the restriction the rope was causing. Even our slight movements scared him and made him cower. After about 10 minutes, we were able to reach the rope....but he was so scared of us it was heartbreaking. It was then we could see bleeding open sores from what was probably a second rope that was no longer there. We just sat with him for awhile, trying to assure him we meant no harm and eventually were able to get him in the car.

    We took him to Dr. Merrill's office, got him some more food, some water, and gave him flea/worm/mite medication. After the second can of wet food, he wagged his tail:).

    We decided the best plan was to sedate him this morning to not cause him any more unnecessary fear and pain, so the rope could be cut off/out of his skin, so he could be neutered, so he could get a much needed bath, and an overall check up by Dr. Merrill.

    He is a really docile dog in MUCH need of love. We have 9 rescues right now at our house and think bringing this timid, frightened dog into this environment would be too much for him. He needs someone that can give him the love and attention he deserves, to give him a chance to have at a happy life. Foster or forever, we need someone to help this guy. Please email me or private message me if you can help! He's at Dr. Merrill's until Monday so this is URGENT

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  • Dagmar Bischoff Garfinkel
    Clisten: what goes around, comes round. You've earned your spot on the other side (I hope there is another side) just with this one dog. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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