• Glenn Wilson
    There are a number of vegan-friendly or veggie-friendly restaurants in San Miguel. At lots of Mexican restaurants you can get guacamole, beans, rice, tortillas, some salsa and maybe some salad and you're good. Maybe depending on how some of that was prepared. When it comes to refried beans I am usually "Don't ask, don't tell" about any meat content. Take that into consideration if you are more conscientious when reading this list.

    A few of my favorite vegan / vegetarian / or - friendly restaurants:

    TDF (Tacos Don Felix) in additional to the usual Mexican restaurant choices has Enchiladas Del Portal clásicas. The Del Portal is great, but it does have cheese inside the enchilada. You can have them replace the cheese with refried beans. Or, as a shortcut, just order Enchiladas Glenn. It is not on the menu, but they know it well, and it is this vegan version of their Del Portal.

    Restaurante Nectar is all or mostly vegan / veggie. A lovely place with great food and a pleasant ambiance.

    Don Taco Tequila is an all vegan Mexican restaurant. I wish they had some meat dishes so I could go there more often with my meat loving friends. But there is a lot there to like, even for meat lovers (with an open mind). Just no meat.

    Hold up; we need to review. Don Taco Tequila is vegan and in centro. Tacos Don Felix is Colonia San Rafael and is veggie / vegan friendly. The names are similar and people often confuse the two.

    Sabroso Taquería on Zacateros has my favorite vegan taco; their black bean taco. They have some other vegetarian tacos that become vegan if you skip the cheese. And, there is a lot there for meat eaters. Go up to their roof terrace.

    TURK Mediterranean Street Food. Mmmmm. Very good. Very friendly for vegans / vegetarians. Don Day's review: “Mediterranean street food” has arrived in San Miguel.

    As an aside, Don Day's blog is a great source of San Miguel restaurant reviews. I have learned about numerous restaurants through his blog. But, did you ever wonder "Where is Don Day?" or en español, "Donde Don Day?" He's a funny guy.

    Grill Torres (Google Map link with their current location just off Ancha San Antonio). More Don Day reviews (but note these refer to their old location): Grille Torres. Nice shrimp. Nice salmon. Nice guy. and Cazón. Worth the seven blocks just to try it.. Mauro Torres is a nice guy and he will make you up an off-menu vegetarian sandwich, or steam some vegetables. Just tell him what you can eat. Oh, and people that like seafood love this place.

    Of course, there are a lot more options. These are a few off the top of my head. Where do you go in San Miguel for a vegetarian or vegan meal?

    Update: For the latest restaurant reviews and information on this site, most with vegan or vegetarian options, click on the category restaurant, or click restaurants.
  • Glenn Wilson
    Three more...

    At Restaurant Pegaso I recently had a nice lunch, presumably vegan, consisting of gazpacho soup and pasta with marinara sauce.

    Fenicia Lebanese Restaurant has great tabbouleh, fattoush, and hummus.

    La Coseche. Google Maps shows the name as Restaurantes Vegetarianos en San Miguel de Allende but it shows the right location and pics. Lots of vegan / veggie and meat options. For example, you can get a "hamburger" with several kinds of meats, or plant based "meats". You can also purchase various produce and packaged food goods to take home.
  • GBrown
    Also try Don Lupe Grill on Ancha de San Antonio, just north of Cinco de Mayo, next to Pemex. They have an entire page of their menu with vegetarian items.
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