• Glenn Wilson
    "The festival will start [June 21], at 2pm, complete with food sales, skating demos and performances by 6 local bands. This all leads up to the Mexican rock concert by Molotov ... Molotov is a rock and comedy rap band from Mexico City who have been performing songs with dueling Spanish and English lyrics."
    1st San Miguel Summer Festival, Starring Molotov

    "After a months-long battle against fuel theft, Pemex officials say that the federal government’s anti-fuel theft strategy is paying off in Guanajuato, one of the states most plagued by the crime, where a 93% drop in fuel theft has been seen since December 2018. ... the success of the government’s anti-fuel theft strategy is projected to save Pemex 32.6 billion pesos (US $1.7 billion) this year."
    Fuel theft reduced by 93% in Guanajuato: Pemex CEO

    "From August 3, we will release a new telephone dialing in Mexico, with which we will eliminate some prefixes such as 01, 044 or 045, that is, to call a number we will only have to type 10 numbers, regardless of whether we talk to Tijuana’s aunt or cousin who lives in another colony."
    The definitive guide on the new telephone dialing system in Mexico
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