• Glenn Wilson
    Update: ComiDomi food delivery shuts down.

    We have eaten before at Birdie's Burgers and enjoyed their good burgers, salads and fries. Earlier this week we tried Birdie's delivered to our home by ComiDomi.

    Birdie's Burger Hippie Chick burger has a falafel patty, sprouts, lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, and tahini sauce. The tahini sauce was delivered in a separate container. The burger survived delivery just fine and the bun was not at all soggy. In fact, the bun was wonderful.

    We also ordered a Wedge Salad and it was excellent. Unfortunately the Sea Salt & Pepper fries arrived cold and soggy.

    Birdie has plenty of real meat burger choices. See their menu or the Don Day review linked below for more on the meat options.

    We found the ComiDomi website easy to use. Entering our address was the hardest part, everything else was smooth and intuitive (for me, a computer geek). We choose the option to pay the driver cash but credit / debit cards are an option. The food arrived in about 35 minutes via motorcycle after ordering.

    I counted 13 restaurants and stores on the ComiDomi website that they currently deliver. They also have Apple and Android apps but I did not use those for ordering.

    Bottom line
    Would we eat at Birdie's Burgers again? Yes.
    Would we order Birdie's Burgers again for delivery through ComiDomi? Yes.
    Would we get the fries again? Yes at the restaurant, but probably not for delivery.

    Google Maps | Trip Advisor | Website | Menu | ComiDomi

    Don Day liked the burgers and the fries delivered: Deliver De Burger De Sooner De Better.

    For the lowdown on Birdie's meat based burgers see Don Day: Birdie’s Burgers. It’s mainly because of the meat.

    Open every day 10 am - 10 pm

    Relox 18, Centro. San Miguel de Allende, Gto. MX
    Inside Doce 18 Concept House

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  • Robert Harper
    We have found the same issues with delivery but love to eat at their location.
  • Dagmar Bischoff Garfinkel
    Just tried ordering from Birdie's Burgers on ComiDomi. Got 14 listings to choose from - none of them Birdie's Burgers. Called BB and they said "delivery is not possible today, because it's raining. Maybe tomorrow" We haven't seen a drop of rain all day over here in San Antonio, so what's the deal???? And why don't they even show up on ComiDomi?????
  • Glenn Wilson
    Evidently they don't show up in ComiDomi when they are not an option? It did rain starting around 5pm at our house in San Rafael. Why that prevents them from delivery or they choose not to deliver if there is rain, I don't know.
  • CListen
    You can always call and use WeGo delivery service. Call in your order to any restaurant and then text WeGo via "whatsapp" to go pick it up. WeGo is a cheaper way to have Birdie's delivered. ComiDomi ads money to the menu prices and charges a delivery fee on top of that. WeGo charges a flat fee for their delivery service.
    Contact WeGo via "whatsapp" phone number: +52-415-688-2000
  • Glenn Wilson
    I just compared the menu prices at Birdies (link in the post) with the ComiDomi prices. I paid about 13.5% more for the food, plus a $60 peso delivery fee plus a 7% service fee. For a total of $136 more than eating at the restaurant. I know this because I can look at the order detail at the ComiDomi site. I also gave the driver a decent tip (which would also be true for WeGo).

    I like being able to use the website to order and track the status. Personally, I am fine paying extra for that convenience but, I would like to know the difference.

    (or anyone) How much is the WeGo flat fee?
  • CListen
    I agree about ComiDomi's website and ease of ordering. I just wanted to point out that ComiDomi charges a bit extra for all of the restaurants on their site.
    As for WeGo, I believe they charge a flat fee of 50 pesos for delivery, and you tip on top of that.
  • Darlene Morrow
    I see that the WhatsApp number for Wego is +52 1 (415) 111 5148.
    Good to know all our options.
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