• Glenn Wilson
    The Guardians of Guadiana.

    Wendy Bichel wrote: I'm one of those people who only works on my own projects, like my musical Bikers in Camelot, which took decades. I have a phobia about being distracted, which keeps me off of social media. I don't watch the news. And I definitely do not volunteer. It's against my personal code. Still, desperate times call for desperate measures, so when I heard from my friend Nory Contractor, Executive Director of Patronato Pro Niños, that you can feed a family of four to seven people for as little as $10 a week - groceries and produce - something happened to me. As my husband Ken says when he's infused with the inspiration to do a concert, I knew I was about to "put on the rhino mask and plow." I could not have another delicious meal delivered to my door knowing how many of my hungry neighbors could be fed for what it cost. Even though it was going to mean volunteering in a big way and violating my code, I had to make sure that my neighbors weren't hungry. Like everyone else, COVID-19 is kicking my ass and forcing me to stretch every which way.

    Ken and I live in Guadiana, a prosperous colonia with a large ex-pat population. But I knew there were hidden pockets of poverty and some not so hidden. And I knew there had to be plenty of people in extra trouble because of the whole phenomenon of joblessness due to COVID-19. I sent an e-mail to the Guadiana Women's Group, an organization that had been in semi-retirement, announcing my intention to start a program to feed the hungry in Guadiana. With that letter I was stating for the record that I was actually going to start a program, and not just talk about it. Although there was little response at that early stage, for me it was a "hallelujah moment" – change was a'comin', I was going for the ride, and there would be no backing out. From then on everything I needed came to me – every mentor, every piece of information, the resources and the money. ...

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  • Alix Nicoll
    I hope that you are working together with the Friends of Guadiana Park who have been helping to "feed" the needy in Guadiana for some months - our membership is very active and has a program in place so I hope that you are working together. Alix
  • Patrice Wynne
    It’s a Kindness Pandemic, Wendy, and you are playing a rol! I’m proud to know you and happy to imagine those families being fed by you and your group. Buen Trabajo!’
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