• Glenn Wilson
    Do you know of a restaurant that makes gluten free pizza in San Miguel? Or, even better, a place that delivers gluten-free pizza? I have asked lots of pizza places and Italian restaurants but no luck so far.

    However, we have found a good frozen, gluten-free pizza at Natura (links to their web site) on Ancha, San Antonio (Google Maps link with address, phone number and reviews).

    Update June 12, 2019: Natura is no longer at that location on Ancha. I'm not sure if they are open at a new location or not. You can get frozen gluten free pizza upstairs at Mercado Sano.

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  • Glenn Wilson
    To answer my own question:

    Neopolitan pizza
    Julian Carrillo 4b Col. Guadalupe
    San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato 37710
    01 415 121 7249

    Gluten-free crust option (based on availability). And they deliver. We had some a few months ago. Good pizza and prompt delivery!

    "First up was an Española. It was very generously topped with goat cheese, arugula and jamon serrano. It had that yeasty smell that a good crust has. Not a cake but a bread dough smell. It was puffy on the edges with the right amount of char. It had a little crisp on the bottom but it still had some elasticity. It was a very, very good crust.

    Next up was our waiter’s recommendation. He called it Mike’s Special. We used to call it the kitchen sink, the meat-lovers special, the one with just about everything on. This one had Italian sausage, mushrooms, bacon, onions, ham, basil and pepperoni. The toppings were all very good with a special mention this time to the tomato sauce."

    More at Don Day: Could this be the number one pizza in San Miguel?


    Google Maps
  • Rocky Daniels
    You might check for Amy’s Pizza at La Comer. I was stunned to find Amy’s products in a freezer case in the dairy section. Amy’s is a Northern California vegetarian-only frozen foods produced. Their stuff is pretty good and they do have a number of GF pizza options. I do not know if any of their GF q. products have made it to San Miguel de Allende but it is worth checking.
  • Glenn Wilson
    Thanks. We have used some Amy's products in the past. I especially use to like the vegan burritos. Last time I checked at La Comer I could not find any GF pizza. But, it has been awhile and things change, so it's worth checking again. Although, my wife (the non eater of gluten) likes the ones she gets now at Mercado Sano. And, Neopolitan delivers.
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