• Glenn Wilson
    Progress update in comments.

    From a reader regarding this theft in Colonia San Antonio in SMA:
    "Here is the link to a video that shows robbers climbing an Orizaba house recently (June). This robber took his time to get in, took some property, climbed back the tall wall, and went to get some of his cronies who then opened the gate and went in the house again.
    The face of the robber is clearly identified and it would be good to share it as this person seems to be happily operating in the city, and while the police has been notified and the video has been shared with them, nothing seems to be happening."

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  • Mario Bravo
    This video has been shared with the police authorities. They are trying to figure out "how to use the evidence." Many in the neighborhood of San Antonio seem to recognize the perpetrator...but not willing to come forward with the name. That's the way our context operates. Be aware.
  • Glenn Wilson
    After the distribution of this video, someone provided information on individuals in the video.

    From a reader:
    (A person) was able to identify ... individuals on the video that was taken during the break-in and burglary at the house. Names and places of residence of the burglars were also provided by the witness. All required documents including receipts of items stolen have been submitted to the office of the Ministerio Publico to be given to the Special Unit assigned to investigate the crime. The complaint has also been reported to the US Consulate of SMA. It's now up to the office of the Ministerio Publico to conduct the proper investigation to bring the guilty parties to justice.
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