• Sarah Ash
    Having heard lots of good things about SkyMed we took the plunge and enrolled as snowbirds at the end of December 2018.

    What fantastic good planning – my husband fell of a ladder while doing some DIY work at our house in San Miguel de Allende and sustained a compound fracture of the ankle on February 16th 2019!

    Rushed off to Hospital MAC where the ankle was stabilised and after family discussion, initially decided to stay in Mexico, better to recover here in February than Saskatchewan, Canada in winter!

    Great care at Hospital MAC but situation changed on the 3rd day when Jym developed a Pulmonary Embolus and was moved to Intensive Care. We were informed by the Internist that if we had Medical Evacuation Insurance, she would advise using it. Within hours of contacting SkyMed we were on our way to Saskatoon from Queretaro in a Lear jet air ambulance, accompanied by a Doctor and Medical Technician.

    Service was first class and the attention to detail was outstanding from the very first contact with SkyMed; making sure our daughter was notified each step of the journey, she was waiting at the arrival gate in the ER in Saskatoon and most welcome and impressive, a phone call on our answering machine on arrival home after the journey from Will Klein, CEO of SkyMed making sure Jym was in good hands.

    3 months later we were back in San Miguel for 3 weeks of R and R. Crutches discarded and walking on the cobblestones was great physio!

    Not a moments hesitation, SkyMed worth every penny.

    Elizabeth & Jym Scott

    Come and find out why SkyMed is the Gold Standard of Medical Evacuation Plans. No other plan is as comprehensive and flexible! No One Does It Better! SkyMed "Takes You Home" with affordable plans for snowbirds and expats alike. All plans have guaranteed renewal for as long as you need the protection.

    SkyMed Free Brunch Seminar:

    When: Thursday, June 20th at 11am SHARP

    Where: Cafe Martin, Relox #41, Centro

    Special group / seminar discounts available.

    Space is limited, please RSVP.

    If you cannot attend the seminar please contact me for a private meeting.

    Sarah Ash. SkyMed Team Leader / Mexico

    Mexican Cell: 415-125-3537

    USA Cell: 928-255-0220


    “SkyMed: 30 years saving lives and nest eggs!”
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