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    In Spanish, a “patronato” can mean a board, a foundation, or even the support or sponsorship of a specific program. In San Miguel, one of the city’s first non for profits, Patronato Pro Niños was formed over 50 years ago. In this case, “Patronato” has meant the act of extending a lifeline to the children of families who desperately need dental, medical, or even psychological help, but cannot afford it on their own. Under normal circumstances, assistance and treatments are provided onsite at the Patronato Clinic or in one of the specially equipped mobile units that went out to the campo every week day. If there are extraordinary or urgent conditions, the case is escalated to our in-house team: they work diligently with their network of professionals to co-ordinate followup meetings with specialists, provide prescribed medications, or sponsor travel to hospitals for additional testing or surgery. And they followup continually to make sure that no child or family is lost or forgotten in the process.

    As you well know, this current crisis has made helping children anything but normal. Patronato has been supporting a group of critical needs children, as well as participating in city wide efforts to keep food and supplies flowing to those who need it most. As much as we try to reach out to the community, via the radio or simply word of mouth, we cannot know of every case of every child who would benefit from our help. So if you know of a family situation where we might be needed, we want to encourage readers of this List to have the family contact us directly. Resources are limited, but we will find a way to make sure that no child is left behind.

    Our work has been funded by generous individuals, responding to appeals that appeared in SMAFAQ as well as a special ongoing crowdfunding campaign, “Hero from Home”. We want to thank all of those who participated thus far and encourage further contributions so we can continue our important work. Your contact is Nory Contractor, Executive Director of Patronato pro Niños. or (415) 125-4792 MX Cell.
    And on behalf of the children, we thank you.
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