• Glenn Wilson
    Now: "Proposing solutions for a useful and appropriate architecture, the Live Aqua hotel in San Miguel de Allende, which recently opened in our country, was the great award winner this year."

    Last year: "... look at the Hotel Aqua and see that AGAIN it has been flooded. Last September 27th, while construction had just started to renovate an old hotel and add to it, the property flooded."

    The first quote above comes from The San Miguel Times Live Aqua San Miguel wins the Prix de Versailles award. The article also says “With plenty of space to express themselves, Live Aqua San Miguel de Allende reinvents the hotel offer of the destination providing an experience without physical limitations: its high ceilings, arcades and patios, are an evocation of the amplitude and the wind that runs free in the Mexican Bajío."

    The second is from BabsBlog "Rainy Season" in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and describes the hotel during construction, before it opened, last June. She also says "Note the water rushing over the edge of the presa. I would guesstimate it is at least thirty feet above the hotel and therefore, no amount of fill dirt is going to stop the flooding. Also note the bulldozer which is trying, in vain, to put boulders and push dirt, to stop the flooding. And, thirdly, look to the right of the bulldozer and you will see the rushing water going down the arroyo while the rest of it runs through the property........What a mess!"

    It was surprising, to me, that the hotel competed construction and opened as soon as it did. Both because of that flooding and the scale of the project. But, open it did and the reviews have been consistently fantastic! I have no idea what measures they may have taken to prevent or mitigate future flooding. Perhaps it is a true engineering marvel of flood control. I am curious to see how it fares the next time we have heavy flooding.

    Congratulations to Live Aqua and good luck!
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