• Glenn Wilson
    "By taking he sounds and sights of the natural world, animated by the world of the spirit, and reproducing them in a controlled environment with an audience, humans felt empowered. This empowerment provided the necessary confidence to assign meaning to a world that was always on the verge of chaos, danger and death. ...

    About 9 million Mexicans speak a native language in their daily lives. In fact, Mexico today, with 62 living languages, uses more languages than China..."

    -- Another Face of Mexico, Bill LeVasseur

    "There are two Mexicos, there is the one you'd see if you came to San Miguel de Allende or a larger city or one of the beach resorts, and then there's indigenous Mexico. ...

    In 2015, 25.6 million people in Mexico self-identified as being indigenous, which is 21% of the population. ...

    Every mask has a story, it has context."

    More at the photo essay: Mexico’s Indigenous Masks.

    "The Mask Museum of San Miguel de Allende - A unique glimpse into traditional culture in the heart of colonial Mexico.

    Owner/curator Bill LeVasseur has spent more than 25 years acquiring an extraordinary collection of over 500 Mexican ceremonial masks. Through his visits to often remote indigenous communities and his observation and documentation of masked dancing, he has also acquired an extensive knowledge of masks and masked dancing that he is eager to share.

    In 2006, Bill and his wife Heidi, opened Another Face of Mexico mask museum to the public. Accompanying the mask collection are texts, photos, and videos showing more than 40 different dance ceremonies. All masks in the museum have been danced in indigenous performances and therefore are considered by collectors to be authentic."

    Another Face of Mexico: The Mask Museum of San Miguel de Allende official site.

    Admission: Adults - 100 Pesos. Children, students, school groups - Free.
    All museum proceeds are donated to the Casa de los Angeles Day Care Center in San Miguel de Allende.

    Cuesta de San Jose #32, Colonia Azteca.
    Visits are by appointment only. Must call ahead.
    It is a short, uphill, walk from Centro.
    Tel: 415-154-4324
    Cell: 044-415-149-1563

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  • Glenn Wilson
    We have been to the Mask Museum once, about a year ago. Once was not enough and we will definitely be returning. It helped to open my eyes to some of my ignorance and changed my perspective on .... well, so much.
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