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    Upcoming for June 30, 2020:
    • What's Happening.
    • Rotary Club Speaker on Zoom - Dra. Grace Lim - TUESDAY MORNING June 30.
    • TOSMA Organic Market July 4.
    • List of Health First Certified Establishments.
    • + Ongoing Virtual Activities.
    • + The times of masses transmitted in temples of SMA.
    • + Spiritual Resources Online.
    • + Catholic masses are suspended due to Covid-19.
    • Scheduled Work and Closures.
    + = continuing activities.

    What's Happening

    Rotary Club Speaker on Zoom - Dra. Grace Lim - TUESDAY MORNING June 30.
    The COVID Impact - Dra. Grace Lim
    Every day we’re hearing about the devastating effects the coronavirus pandemic is having on our San Miguel de Allende community. Few people are seeing it from the front lines like this week’s guest speaker, Dra. Grace Lim. First, as a medical doctor, she is very well aware of the danger and realities of COVID 19. And, as the head of SOME (So Others May Eat) Dra. Grace is dealing with another crisis – hunger.

    When the shut down orders came this past March, hundreds of local people, mostly elderly, no longer had access to the once a week free meal provided by SOME . For many, it was the only nutritional meal they would get each week. Dra. Grace will share her story of how COVID impacts these people and how SOME is dealing with it. She will also discuss the coronavirus crisis in San Miguel and what each of us needs to be doing to safely reopen our community.

    Rotary Club Speaker on Zoom - Dra. Grace Lim - TUESDAY MORNING June 30.

    TOSMA Organic Market July 4.
    The TOSMA market is located outside at Mercado Sano. Every Saturday 9 am - 4 pm.
    TOSMA Organic Market.

    List of Health First Certified Establishments.
    Portal | Direct link to list of Certified Establishments.

    + Ongoing Virtual Activities
    A listing of some ideas for virtual activities. We'll be adding more, let us know your suggestions!
    Virtual Activities.

    + March 15 SMA: All public events: cultural, social and sports organized by all the government areas of the municipality, in open and closed spaces, are canceled.
    + March 20 SMA: Bars, cinemas closed; all public events canceled.
    + March 30 General Health Council declares national health emergency to epidemic due to coronavirus COVID-19.
    + May 1 SMA Proclamation: New Rules. Fines and jail time for violations starting May 1.
    + General Health Council declares national health emergency
    + May 14 Health Ministry Reopening Agreement
    + List of Mexico Municipalities de la Esperanza Approved for reopening May 18.
    + May 19 The school year will conclude with distance classes; there will be no return to the classrooms.
    + May 20 SMA: Health and Safety Measures to Reactive Establishments and City Entry Protocol
    + June 1 Protocols for the reopening of economic activities in the Municipality of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.
    See: SMA and Mexico: Key Coronavirus Declarations History and Timeline.

    + These are the times of masses transmitted in temples of San Miguel de Allende
    Given the health provisions of the Covid-19, a situation that is taking place worldwide, of the conference of the Mexican Episcopate and especially of the Bishop Benjamin Castillo Plascencia (of the Diocese of Celaya Guanajuato) to which San Miguel de Allende, as well as ...
    These are the times of masses transmitted in temples of San Miguel de Allende (sp).

    + Spiritual Resources Online
    Public worship is suspended at St. Paul's and the parish campus closed during the COVID-19 outbreak.

    St. Paul's Facebook Live-Streams may be found at the Parish Facebook site ... Sermons and (commencing Lent Five) full Liturgies are also found on the Parish YouTube page ... more ...
    Spiritual Resources Online

    + Catholic masses are suspended due to Covid-19
    CDMX.- The Mexican Episcopate Conference (CEM), ordered bishops and priests from all over the country to immediately suspend Eucharistic celebrations as well as meetings for large groups such as retreats, catechesis, assemblies and others, in order to comply the guidelines established to prevent the spread of COVID19. Through the ...
    Catholic masses are suspended before Covid-19; orders the Mexican Episcopate (sp).
    See also: Coronavirus Update Mar 17, 2020.
    Scheduled Work and Closures
    If you know of updates, corrections or additions to this list please let us know. We often keep road work notices up a few days beyond their planned completion date because there are not always announcements of schedule delays or completions.

    The Infrastructure and Public Works Department has put together a PDF file for six alternate routes with maps for the overpass work in Glorieta El Pípila.
    >>> SMAFAQ: Glorieta El Pípila alternate routes <<<
    Traffic diverted at El Pípila Underpass starting May 13.

    By construction of LaObra El Pípila Underpass, is restricted to private vehicles from May 13. They will have to use alternative routes http://bit.ly/alternasSMA

    More details http://bit.ly/35UVbiZ

    Please StayAtHome
    Starting this Wednesday, only local traffic, heavy vehicles, urban and foreign transportation will be able to cross the La Obra area (El Pípila Underpass); private vehicles will use alternate routes; Likewise, the Josefina Orozco street will activate “round trip” to speed up road mobility.

    This was reported by the Traffic and Mobility Police Station attached to the Ministry of Public Security, the measure is "indispensable" since the area of ​​La Obra continues to use it and saturates traffic, causing delays in times of transit and mobility of people and vehicles .

    For this reason, there will be a greater presence of Transit elements to divert the passage of vehicles on alternate routes; Those who "get off" the Manuel Zavala Bypass, towards the Center, Celaya or Dolores Hidalgo, will enter through "El Caracol" towards Calle 5 de Mayo, they will continue through the exit to Celaya and along Calle Josefina Orozco.

    Josefina Orozco Street will operate “round trip” in the Libramiento Manuel Zavala, so it is essential to drive at the permitted speed, respect pedestrian crossings, obey the road signs and follow the instructions of the traffic elements.

    Those who go from Dolores Hidalgo to the Libramiento or to Celaya, will have to use the alternate lateral road that is indicated to avoid crossing through the La Obra area.
    Traffic diverted at El Pípila Underpass starting May 13 (sp).
    Call to build overpass El Pípila in San Miguel de Allende, Gto
    LaObra the Depressed Pass El Pípila, which will come to change our life in SanMiguelDeLaGente, will contribute to fuel savings and travel time. Anticipate your transit times and consider alternate routes.

    The overpass of the Salida a Celaya (Pipila) will be the most important work in our history. Today we formally begin the process. 18 Dec 2019 started. 11 Nov 2020 finished work. Elevated price contest. Thank you @diegosinhue For your commitment and support.
    The project will consist of the construction of a vehicular underpass with a length of 524.82 m, with 2 lanes per direction in two bodies and a road width of 13.60 m.includes urbanization, lateral roads and services.
    Estimated start of work: December 18, 2019.
    Estimated work termination: November 11, 2020.
    Call to build overpass El Pípila in San Miguel de Allende, Gto (sp).
    Google translations. News sites and Facebook pages are on our Links page.

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