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    They present projects for the rehabilitation of roads in Colonia Allende and the Santa Teresita de Don Diego Community.
    San Miguel de Allende, Gto. - The Zamora Ríos street and the Main Street of the Santa Teresita de Don Diego Community will be intervened; They will be paved, side dishes and cobblestone sidewalks will be made, in addition to the improvement of the drinking water and street lighting network. ZAMORA RÍOS STREET WILL BE INTERVENED With the intention Diego"
    Noticias Con Valor (sp) 11:01am June 29, 2020 | English.

    Silao municipal police attack, three elements perish.
    Silao de la Victoria, Gto. - Three municipal police officers were gunned down during a shooting that took place in the La Joyita neighborhood, near the La Joya shopping center. There is one more seriously wounded officer. At approximately 1:45 am there was an armed attack in Colonia La Joyita in the municipality of Silao. Two patrolsRead more "They attack Silao municipal police, three elements die"
    Noticias Con Valor (sp) 9:56am June 29, 2020 | English.

    Jack and Vero come to SMA to do good without looking at who.
    SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE is characterized by being a city full of people who help without receiving anything in return, several associations are full of volunteers, that is why, those who have the ability to work as volunteers in other places It is no exception that they also want to get involved in the daily work of ...
    News San Miguel (sp) 3:50pm June 29, 2020 | English.

    These are the supports given by the Federation to a regional delegation that includes SMA.
    SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE. - These are the supports that to date have been granted by the Federation, to the regional delegation of programs for Well-being, made up of the municipalities Apaseo el Alto, Apaseo el Grande, Comonfort, Celaya and San Miguel de Allende, and which have in his charge Gerardo Sierra ...
    News San Miguel (sp) 12:13pm June 29, 2020 | English.

    Call the city president to be firm and disciplined in the face of the increase of coronavirus cases.
    · "It is time to be citizens in every sense of the word": Luis Alberto Villarreal. San Miguel de Allende, Gto., June 29, 2020.- For a few weeks, the percentage of positive cases of coronavirus in the municipality has increased considerably, therefore, the municipal president issued a forceful message about ...
    SMA Gob (sp) 3:46pm June 29, 2020 | English.

    Zamora Ríos street will be rehabilitated in the Colonia Allende.
    · One more benefit during the administration of President Luis Alberto Villarreal García. · During the last year, the neighborhood received support from educational infrastructure and the cleaning of the stream. San Miguel de Allende, Gto., June 28, 2020.- With the intention of integrating more and more popular neighborhoods into the historic center ...
    SMA Gob (sp) 12:53pm June 29, 2020 | English.

    They prevent extortion police and return the daughter with her mom.
    San Miguel de Allende, Gto., June 27, 2020.- Elements of the Ministry of Public Security prevent a mother from being the victim of extortion and reunite her with her daughter, allegedly kidnapped. This Saturday at 09:33, the report was received at the Emergency Call Center, 911, ...
    SMA Gob (sp) 12:49pm June 29, 2020 | English.

    Learning to Live in an Upended World: Mother Nature Takes a Break.
    Like a mother who relishes a break as her toddler naps, Mother Nature has been enjoying her time alone as humanity hides from the pandemic. For humans, these past months have been a period of illness, death, and great fears, but for nature it has been a time of recovery.
    Atención San Miguel 3:23pm June 29, 2020

    ‘Prepare for the worst,’ Nayarit governor warns as Covid-19 spreads.
    The governor of Nayarit has warned residents to prepare for the worst as the coronavirus pandemic continues to grow in the Pacific coast state.
    Mexico News Daily 3:29pm June 29, 2020

    Rate of coronavirus contagion and deaths is slowing: deputy health minister.
    The pandemic continues to grow but the speed at which new infections and deaths are occurring is slowing, Deputy Health Minister Hugo López-Gatell said.
    Mexico News Daily 11:12am June 29, 2020

    The first pregnant woman dies from Covid-19 in Guanajuato.
    The death was reported in Celaya, reported the Secretary of Health
    El Sol de Bajio (sp) 12:10pm June 29, 2020 | English.

    Work start of the Tinajitas sanitary landfill.
    600 tons a day will be received from the municipalities of Cortazar, Comonfort and Celaya.
    El Sol de Bajio (sp) 11:56am June 29, 2020 | English.

    Masses return to Salvatierra temples.
    With strict health regulations, such as the use of face masks, antibacterial gel and healthy distance.
    El Sol de Bajio (sp) 6:00am June 29, 2020 | English.

    Donate mechanical fans to lay sick Covid-19.
    They will be delivered to hospitals in nine states of the country.
    El Sol de Bajio (sp) 6:00am June 29, 2020 | English.

    Moderatto prepares for the new reality; will offer the first self-concert at Foro Pegaso.
    By Eréndira Quintero Mexico City, (SinEmbargo) .- For several weeks, self-concerts have been discussed as an initiative to reactivate the music industry during the coronavirus pandemic. Although at the time they were planning, today it is already a reality and the group in charge of inaugurating this new form of presentation at the Pegaso Forum will be Moderatto. At the beginning of ...
    Zona Franca (sp) 4:00pm June 29, 2020 | English.

    Rayados striker Vicent Janssen confirms positive for Covid-19.
    Monterrey, (SinEmbargo / Agencia). Dutch Vicent Janssen, forward of the Mexican champion Monterrey, announced Monday that he tested positive for COVID-19. "I feel very good. The exam I did for COVID-19 is positive, I am at home taking care of myself to quickly return to be with my teammates, ”said the 26-year-old footballer. The Rayados announced in early June ...
    Zona Franca (sp) 3:35pm June 29, 2020 | English.

    New cell will extend the useful life of the Tinajitas Sanitary Landfill, in Celaya.
    Celaya, Gto.- The construction of the fourth and last cell for which there is space, will be able to capture up to 630 tons of garbage during the next 6 to 8 years. With an investment of 35 million 426 thousand 318 pesos, the work began on June 11 and is expected to finish on 7 ...
    Zona Franca (sp) 2:39pm June 29, 2020 | English.

    Director of Public Works denies direct award to family member.
    Celaya, Gto.- Juan García Aboytes, director of Public Works, denied that the law was violated by awarding the work of the Tinajitas Landfill to a relative and that the accusations that have been made are of a political nature. "That the instances do their job, if there were anomalies in the tender, they would have been unhappy, ...
    Zona Franca (sp) 2:31pm June 29, 2020 | English.

    Statins, Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs, May Lower COVID-19 Death Rate: Study.
    WUHAN, (Xinhua). Statins, drugs commonly used to lower cholesterol, may help reduce the death rate of hospitalized COVID-19 patients, according to a new study published in the journal Cell Metabolism. In search of answers, researchers from the Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University carried out the study with 13 thousand 981 ...
    Zona Franca (sp) 1:41pm June 29, 2020 | English.

    The MLS confirms 24 positive cases for coronavirus prior to the resumption of the tournament.
    Houston (EU), (EFE). The United States Professional Soccer League (MLS) confirmed that 24 people tested positive for the coronavirus before they began traveling to the Orlando "bubble", where they will play a preparation tournament before resuming the regular season. It was also reported that two other had tested positive ...
    Zona Franca (sp) 11:45am June 29, 2020 | English.

    Remdesivir, a drug to treat COVID-19, will cost $ 2,340, Gilead Sciences announces.
    By Marilynn Marchione Los Angeles, (AP). The drug that shortens the recovery time of COVID-19 sufferers will cost $ 2,340 per treatment for people with health insurance in the United States and other developed countries, the manufacturer reported Monday. Gilead Sciences announced that remdesivir will cost $ 3,120 for patients ...
    Zona Franca (sp) 11:33am June 29, 2020 | English.

    First pregnant woman dies from COVID-19 in Guanajuato, confirms SSG.
    Leon, Gto. The Secretary of Health, Daniel Díaz Martínez, confirmed that a pregnant woman died of COVID-19 in Celaya. The Ministry of Health specified that fortunately the baby managed to survive, and was born at 32 weeks gestation. He is hospitalized and his coronavirus test has been negative. In an interview with different media from ...
    Zona Franca (sp) 8:30am June 29, 2020 | English.

    López Obrador would value taking the COVID-19 test to interview Trump: "I have no problem acting humbly"
    The Mexican president said Monday that he would appreciate submitting to a test if asked, prior to a meeting with his US counterpart, Donald Trump.
    Infobae (sp) 2:22pm June 29, 2020 | English.

    These are the four prototypes of the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Mexican scientists.
    The projects are focused on exploring proteins and nucleic acids that could serve to neutralize the virus
    Infobae (sp) 2:07pm June 29, 2020 | English.

    Marcelo Ebrard: for Mexico it is "strategic" to participate in the development of the COVID-19 vaccine.
    "The worst is over": López Obrador assured that the economy is in a recovery phase.
    The President of Mexico assured that "the bottom has already been reached", in economic matters, after months complicated by the health emergency derived from the pandemic of the coronavirus COVID
    Infobae (sp) 11:13am June 29, 2020 | English.

    Without music, without fitting rooms and with sanitary filters: this is how retail stores in CDMX should reopen due to an orange traffic light.
    Establishments must abide by mandatory rules during the "new normal"
    Infobae (sp) 10:48am June 29, 2020 | English.

    Mexican authorities arrest two suspects involved in the murder of a federal judge and his wife in Colima.
    One of the suspects is involved in the murder of local lawmaker Francis Anel Bueno
    El Universal English 2:23pm June 29, 2020

    Mexican authorities found 15 bodies in Zacatecas as violence continues to rise.
    The human remains are being identified by experts
    El Universal English 11:29am June 29, 2020

    Due to pandemic spas are on the verge of bankruptcy.
    The little staff left in these establishments was left to do maintenance and prevent deterioration of the facilities, many owners of these places say that they will not be able to continue if the situation does not improve.
    Periodico Correo (sp) 3:58pm June 29, 2020 | English.

    Employee attached to the Parliamentary Group of the State Congress tests Covid positive.
    In order to protect the integrity of the person, his name will not be disclosed, although all measures will be taken to protect the rest of the staff.
    Periodico Correo (sp) 3:03pm June 29, 2020 | English.

    Farmacia Benavides closed for not complying with sanitary measures.
    The Public Security Directorate also closed the local Multiservicios Telephones Zeca, this situation is also due to the lack of payment of the fines previously imposed
    Periodico Correo (sp) 1:46pm June 29, 2020 | English.

    Police prevent woman from being beaten for saying neighbor died of coronavirus.
    The relatives of the deceased were angry with the woman who asked for help and even went to the house of the woman accused of raising false and physically and verbally assaulted her
    Periodico Correo (sp) 1:38pm June 29, 2020 | English.

    Tianguis de Irapuato will open to 30% of their capacity despite the increase in infections.
    The mayor Ricardo Ortiz Gutiérrez had a virtual meeting with the leaders of the tianguistas to communicate the decision to open the spaces
    Periodico Correo (sp) 1:19pm June 29, 2020 | English.

    Hundreds of people go to the street market daily without respecting sanitary measures.
    The stalls are located without respecting the healthy distance, also, not having places ready for the correct washing of hands, or personnel carrying out sanitation work.
    Periodico Correo (sp) 1:12pm June 29, 2020 | English.

    Construction of the fourth cell of Tinajitas begins.
    This new final disposal cell will allow the useful life of this sanitary landfill to be extended by up to eight years
    Periodico Correo (sp) 1:00pm June 29, 2020 | English.

    DIF resumes online, credentialing process for people with disabilities.
    The Social Inclusion Coordination has delivered 392 credentials to people with disabilities in the contingency period through remote intervention
    Periodico Correo (sp) 10:21am June 29, 2020 | English.

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