• Glenn Wilson
    Anado : “One night I was dreaming that I was driving my taxi and I was lost. I said aloud ‘Where am I?’ and a voice answered 'You’re on Kismet Street'. The next day I looked up the definition of ‘kismet’ and learned it means fate. That is the rule of my creative process. I am open to fate and what existence has to offer.”

    Here we present observations on culture, kismet, creativity, home, and relationships that nurture & inspire us from Anado McLauchlin, an assemblage & mosaic artist, and founder & curator of the Chapel of Jimmy Ray Gallery in the Casa de Las Ranas Compound about a half hour outside San Miguel de Allende in Mexico.
    Continue the journey at Photo Essay: Anado McLauchlin, Founder, Chapel of Jimmy Ray Gallery.

    Chapel of Jimmy Ray Gallery.
    Made by Anado.
    Google Maps.
    Requested donation 200 pesos per person.
    By appointment only. Tour lasts one hour.
    Be on time or Anado will start without you.
    If you come in a cab have it wait for you.

    "The Chapel of Jimmy Ray Gallery and Casa de Las Ranas will be closed for maintenance from June 7 through July 5…no tour or visits are possible"

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  • Glenn Wilson
    Rip sweet soul.
    Anado McLauchlin passed over this weekend. There will be a brief farewell Monday @ 11 AM - 1 PM outside at the Chapel of Jimmy Ray.

    Dear Local Caring Friends,
    To those of you who may come to the Chapel of Jimmy Ray to say Adios to Beloved Anado, please know that this is not a gathering; this is not an 'event'.
    (Today) is for a sweet and quick namaste' farewell.
    There will be a celebration of Anado's life in August.
    Please wear double masks. This cannot turn into any type of Covid Super-Spreader. That would be a disgrace===and we are here and full of GRACE.
    You will have just a few minutes to actually view him so please be prepared. Anado would insist that all our health and safety is an active priority. It is as we honor him.
  • Rosie Bertolino
    Anado, the most fun, most sweet, most feisty man
  • Lauren Osornio
    He was an Icon. Many blessings to Richard and to Anado on his spiritual journey.
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