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    June 29, 2020:
    • June, the month that the pandemic 'triggers' in GTO.
    • 'Window is closing' for US to get coronavirus under control, HHS secretary warns.
    • The horror.
    • Operation fails: mother of 'El Marro' is released.
    • Voracious companies and omitted authority make the SIT a risk zone for COVID-19.
    • There are 519 deaths from Covid-19 in GTO, 8405 infections, 8250 community and 2901 suspects.
    • Coronavirus in Mexico: the country reached 26,648 deaths and 216,852 confirmed cases.
    • The dust of the Sahara will arrive in GTO and this is what you should know.
    • They call gyms to a demonstration for reopening.
    • CanSino's COVID-19 vaccine candidate approved for military use in China.
    • Other Coronavirus News Headlines.
    • More News.
    • Stay Home!
    • Deer cat.

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    U.S. Embassy News, Updates, and Information
    U.S. Embassy News, Updates, and Information.
    • Updated June 17 Extension of Non-Essential Travel Restrictions with Canada and Mexico.
    • Updated June 21 Security Alert – Guanajuato – Reports of ongoing unofficial roadblocks.
    • Updated June 24 Proclamation Suspending Entry of Immigrants, Security Alert – Caborca, Sonora, Natural Disaster Alert – Oaxaca – 7.4 earthquake.
    • Updated June 25 Health Alert – U.S. Embassy Mexico City, Mexico (June 24, 2020).
    • Last update: Fact Sheet- Proclamation Suspending Entry of Aliens Who Present a Risk to the U.S. Labor Market (June 25).
    SMA and Mexico: Key Coronavirus Declarations History and Timeline.
    SMA and Mexico: Key Coronavirus Declarations History and Timeline.
    • SMA Proclamation: New Rules. Fines and jail time for violations starting May 1.
    • May 14 Health Ministry Reopening Agreement.
    • Full Listing of Mexico Municipalities de la Esperanza Approved for reopening May 18.
    • May 20 SMA: Health and Safety Measures to Reactive Establishments and City Entry Protocol.
    • June 1 Protocols for the reopening of economic activities in the Municipality of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.
    June, the month that the pandemic 'triggers' in Guanajuato.
    According to the latest Google mobility analysis, the state is one of those that has most marked a return to work activities.

    The month began with 2,088 confirmed cases and 153 deaths from the disease in the state of Guanajuato and, in the end, the increase to 8,405 confirmed cases and 519 deaths would be announced yesterday by the Guanajuato Health Secretariat. Similarly, the tests carried out have had a significant increase, from 13,916 to 28,154 on the last day. ...

    “In the last days of May and the first days of June, people no longer stayed at home. People were already leaving and nowadays what we recommend should be that if we go out it is taking all the precautions, including the mask. In fact, we are going to meet in the State Committee on Health Safety those guidelines so that the use of face masks is mandatory in our state, "said Díaz Martínez.
    Periodico Correo (sp) | English.

    'Window is closing' for US to get coronavirus under control, HHS secretary warns.
    Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar warned Sunday that the "window is closing" for the United States to get the coronavirus pandemic under control, as confirmed cases are surging in a majority of the country and some states are dealing with record numbers of hospitalizations.

    "Things are very different from two months ago... So it is a very different situation, but this is a very, very serious situation and the window is closing for us to take action and get this under control," Azar told CNN's Jake Tapper on "State of the Union."
    He suggested that the US is better positioned to handled the pandemic than before, pointing to increased testing, contact tracing, hospital capacity, reserves of personal protective equipment, and advancement toward therapeutics and potential vaccines for the virus.

    The horror.
    Article 245 of the penal code indicates that almost any violent protest can be interpreted as terrorism. Why in Cuerámaro yes and in Celaya no?

    "Anyone who by any means performs acts against people, things or services to the public, that produce alarm, fear or terror in the population or in a sector of it, to disturb public peace, undermine the authority of the State or press the authority to make a determination, will be imposed a prison term of three to fifteen years and a fine of thirty to one hundred and fifty days. ”

    I return to the events that occurred last weekend in Celaya and found that the 26 arrested for allegedly participating in the blockades and hindering the activity of the authority were released less than 48 hours after their arrest. It is not new that Celaya's terror does not receive the same attention as possible shocks in less populous municipalities. Its municipal president, Elvira Paniagua, is unshakable. Nor that after the blockades and fires no one else had been arrested, nor that they had remained behind bars.
    POPLab (sp)

    Operation fails: mother of 'El Marro' is released.
    Guanajuato. - María Eva “N” , mother of José Antonio Yépez Ortiz, “El Marro” , leader of the “Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel”, was released yesterday due to lack of evidence.

    The judge who was handling the case decreed that the lady, one of her daughters, a niece and two men were not involved in the proceedings.

    With the release of the three women and the two men accused of drug dealing, there are no more people detained from the operation on Saturday June 20 in San Isidro Elguera, Celaya.
    Periódico AM (sp) | English.
    See also: They release the mother of El Marro. (sp) | English.

    Voracious companies and omitted authority make the SIT a risk zone for COVID-19.
    Rows and trucks crowded at peak hours, the impossibility of distancing and the absence of face masks in the transport of León are added to measures such as reducing wages and increasing working hours for drivers, to make the SIT one of the greatest risks of the spread of the coronavirus in Leon.

    Faced with this panorama, the General Directorate of Mobility limits itself to repeating that they have taken measures such as sanitizing arches and the use of gel in stations and terminals, but without taking over protocols that prevent saturation and the consequent risk.

    León is the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in Guanajuato, which today totals 3,416 confirmed cases and 192 deaths, while their mobility levels return to normal after the period of confinement.
    POPLab (sp)

    There are 519 deaths from Covid-19 in Guanajuato, 8405 infections, 8250 community and 2901 suspects.
    Overview of Covid-19 patients, deceased, recovered, and suspected individuals under investigation.
    Periódico AM (sp) | English.

    Coronavirus in Mexico: the country reached 26,648 deaths and 216,852 confirmed cases.
    Of the IRAG beds without a fan, of the 26,053 in total, only 11,257 (43%) are occupied ; that is, there are 14,796 (57%) available. Likewise, of the 8,815 SARI beds with ventilators that were put into operation, only 3,466 (39%) have been occupied ; In other words, there are a total of 5,349 (61%) respiratory support beds available.

    It should be noted that the wide capacity of hospitals to continue providing this type of care is thanks to the behavior of the people of Mexico in the face of the call to confinement. Social distancing, obedience to sanitary measures, and staggered reincorporation to different economic activities during this period, called new normality, have allowed the various hospital centers around the country not to become saturated. ...

    During the conference chaired by López-Gatell, this development was said to represent good news. However, the health authorities do not rule out atypical scenarios in which there may be new mass outbreaks of this disease , and therefore they insist that as far as possible, they avoid leaving their homes so as not to saturate public spaces.
    Infobae (sp) | English.

    The dust of the Sahara will arrive in Guanajuato and this is what you should know according to SMAOT.
    GUANAJUATO.- The Government of Guanajuato through the Ministry of Environment and Land Management (SMAOT) reported that, according to the forecast made by NASA, the Sahara dust storm arrived in the State after noon this Sunday, June 28, without this significantly raising ...
    News San Miguel (sp) | English.

    They call gyms to a demonstration for reopening.
    Leon, Gto. Faced with the situation that gym owners live in by remaining closed with the contingency, the Union of Gymnasiums of Guanajuato (UGG) decided to call a peaceful demonstration. This Sunday the call for the next Friday, July 3 began to circulate in the Arco de la Calzada. Those who call are owners, instructors, ...
    Zona Franca (sp) | English.

    More than 500,000 people have died from coronavirus worldwide as infections continue to surge.
    The coronavirus has now killed more than 500,000 people around the world as the number of confirmed infections exceeded 10 million, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

    The United States accounts for more than 20% of all reported deaths caused by Covid-19, more than any other country in the world, according to Hopkins’ data, followed by Brazil, the U.K., Italy and France. However, country-to-country comparisons of the death toll are difficult due to differences in reporting methods.

    Earlier this month, the World Health Organization warned the pandemic is accelerating on a global level, adding that the outbreak has entered a “new and dangerous phase.”

    CanSino's COVID-19 vaccine candidate approved for military use in China.
    China’s military has received the greenlight to use a COVID-19 vaccine candidate developed by its research unit and CanSino Biologics (6185.HK) after clinical trials proved it was safe and showed some efficacy, the company said on Monday.

    The Ad5-nCoV is one of China’s eight vaccine candidates approved for human trials at home and abroad for the respiratory disease caused by the new coronavirus. The shot also won approval for human testing in Canada.
    List of Health First Certified Establishments.
    Portal | Direct link to list of Certified Establishments.
    Free COVID-19 Screening in SMA
    From Joey Merrifield:
    Mexicans or ex-pats can contact me via WhatsApp 4151145009 and I will screen them and if eligible per the government protocols for free testing I will contact Dra Chao who does the testing directly. I have a very close working relationship with her. Kate Greenaway. RN and I will ensure they receive the home health care guide (English/Spanish) which is available at https://www.covid19sma.com/ and assist with symptom management. WhatsApp only 4151145009 or Email

    Shortage and on going need for N95 Masks for Frontline Medical Staff in Mexico.
    There is a shortage and on going need for N95 masks which are being used faster than we can get donations. ... Donate: N95 Masks for Frontline Medical Staff in Mexico.
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