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    Felix started with a taco cart about 13 years ago. Then, one cold and rainy day he and Gloria moved the furniture around in their living room and invited customers inside their home. Today, Tacos Don Felix serves up fantastic and authentic Mexican food in a beautiful restaurant that seats about sixty.

    This ain't no taco stand! They converted the garage into a kitchen; what was the kitchen is now the bar; the back area of the dining room used to be the backyard but it all comes together seamlessly. They recently added a separate bar on the third floor and the second floor is residential.


    Dining at TDF (Tacos Don Felix) is a delight for your eyes and your taste buds. And, when you enter their home, they treat you like family.

    We live about a 30 second leisurely walk away from TDF and are neighbors and friends with the whole Don Felix family. They are only open on weekends. Before we lived full time in San Miguel de Allende we would make sure to include some weekend in trips here so we could dine at TDF.

    I have eaten food at or from TDF over a hundred times in the almost two years we have lived here and I have dined there dozens of times with friends. Based on my experience and the feedback from others I'm going to share my insider tips and what you should order if you don't already have a favorite.

    Short version: the enchiladas are magic.

    First, they will bring you a complementary appetizer of pork or chicken (it varies) on a tostado. If you prefer a meatless appetizer tell them when they seat you and they will instead bring you a tostado with huitlacoche (a Mexican corn fungus delicacy; somewhat mushroom like).

    Their speciality drink is a margarita. It is $100 pesos and is as big as your head. They also have a selection of beers and wine and mixed drinks.

    Order some guacamole. It is as good as any I've ever had.

    If you prefer no-meat and no-cheese, I recommend Enchiladas Glenn (<- that's me). It's not on the menu. It is the cheese enchiladas, without the cheese, and stuffed with beans instead. It is served with rice, and topped with fried potatoes and carrots. These are my favorite enchiladas ever. If you prefer a salad, try the house salad which includes nuts, avocados, dried fruit and is a full meal. It's a great salad. Another way to go is to just order some tortillas and a plate of rice, beans and guacamole. If you eat cheese get the cheese enchiladas ("enchiladas del portal" on the menu). Update June 21, 2019: I just checked with TDF and these enchiladas are cooked on a grill that is also used for meat products.

    For meat eaters, order the Enchiladas Gloria. This is Gloria's signature dish. Who's Gloria? Gloria is Mrs. Don Felix and she runs the kitchen. Enchiladas Gloria are 2 chicken and 2 pork enchiladas with red sauce and green sauce. People rave about them.

    The enchiladas are mildly spicy and you can add more heat and flavor with the salsas on the table.

    If you can not tolerate any picante, you could get the grilled chicken. It comes with a side salad and "Mexican" baked potato (not a russet potato). If you prefer vegetables, or rice, or beans instead of the side salad or the baked potato, they will gladly substitute. Instead of the grilled chicken, you could get the Caesar Salad. Or, you can get the Caesar Salad with the grilled chicken on top (not on the menu). It's a classic combo and one of my wife's favorite dishes.

    The entrees above are all about $130 pesos; except the Caesar salad plus grilled chicken is $180. They have lots more on the menu and usually have specials with rib eye, salmon, and shrimp ... but, for the real magic, try the enchiladas!

    Did you leave room for dessert?

    Friday 5pm - 10pm.
    Saturday 2pm - 10pm.
    Sunday 1pm - 9:30pm.
    Closed Monday - Thursday.

    The restrooms are clean and modern. Most of the servers speak great English. Cash only, no credit cards.

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    Fray Juan de San Miguel 15, San Rafael, 37896 San Miguel de Allende, Gto.
    415 152 5719

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