• Ronald Felton
    We are pleased and excited to announce that Dra. Grace will be joined by the general directors from two prominent medical facilities in San Miguel de Allende. MAC and UNIMED. Be sure to join us.

    The COVID Impact - Dra. Grace Lim
    Every day we’re hearing about the devastating effects the coronavirus pandemic is having on our San Miguel de Allende community. Few people are seeing it from the front lines like this week’s guest speaker, Dra. Grace Lim. First, as a medical doctor, she is very well aware of the danger and realities of COVID 19. And, as the head of SOME (So Others May Eat) Dra. Grace is dealing with another crisis – hunger.

    When the shut down orders came this past March, hundreds of local people, mostly elderly, no longer had access to the once a week free meal provided by SOME . For many, it was the only nutritional meal they would get each week. Dra. Grace will share her story of how COVID impacts these people and how SOME is dealing with it. She will also discuss the coronavirus crisis in San Miguel and what each of us needs to be doing to safely reopen our community.

    About our speaker: Grace Joanne Lim Baga was born in Toronto, Canada but grew up in San Miguel de Allende where, starting at the age of 5, she worked side by side with her mother Antonette, who founded SOME in 1989. Shortly before her beloved mother, Antonette, died in 2016 Grace asked if there was anything she needed. Antonette told her to keep the SOME program going. It was a mother’s dying wish and a promise that Dra. Lim intends to keep. She and her father continued the feeding program, but on September 24, 2018, her father, Joe Lim unexpectedly died. Now, with both parents gone, the responsibility of keeping SOME rests squarely on Dra. Lim’s shoulders.

    A thirty-something human dynamo, Dra. Lim has a lot to juggle. Not only does she continue to practice medicine in San Miguel de Allende with her husband, but she now runs the Spa and Hotel, is a mom, and CEO of SOME In 2019, she was chosen as Rotary’s Citizen of the Year. .

    Join us Tuesday, June 30th at 9:30AM for this most informative and riveting presentation via Zoom video conference.

    Join Zoom Meeting
    Meeting ID: 822 6292 4413
    Password: 542474

    Ronald Felton, Secretary
  • Reminder Bunny
    Reminder: This is happening today Tuesday June 30.
  • Mark Hager
    Sadly, I can't join due to over 100 participants. Is there a solution going forward and can I listen to this meeting at a later date if recorded please!
  • Helaine Foster
    Me, too. Tried to join. Already full. Would love to watch.
  • Mark Hager
    If a recorded version is not available, a set of highlighted notes would be a welcome alternative.
  • Glenn Wilson

    @Ron Lenox at DiscoverSMA.com usually posts a video for the Rotary Events. Here are some past "Rotary" News posts there:
    DiscoverSMA>Local News>Rotary
  • Ron Lenox
    I will be posting today's video by tomorrow. So thankful that the Rotary records them and lets me post it.

    Ron Lenox
  • Mario Bravo
    please post the presentation for those of us who missed it. Thanks
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