After living here for many years, having left the UK, due to the climate plus all the rules and regulations, I wanted to make Mexico my permanent home, so I decided to apply for Citizenship, some 10 years ago. The only draw back, I could never get the hang of Spanish, even after living part-time, in Spain, for some years before, coming here. My last partner, many years before, sent me for a course of Spanish lesions, after a couple of months, she inquired how I was doing, the reply was, he does not need a teacher but a Psychiatrist!
    My Lawyer friend, came up with an idea, she said, she would come with me to the interview, claiming, I was hard of hearing, which is partially true and speak on my behalf, seemed a plausible idea, Mexico being Mexico! The problem arose, as we entered the interview room, he would not let her in and to make matters worse, he had a big, intimidating sign, hanging around his neck, saying JEFE, one of the few words I did know. There was I, hardly uttering a word of Spanish, marooned for best part of an hour and physically shaking but low and behold, rescue came. I noticed a long window ledge in the office, which was covered in miniature classic cars, one of the few things, I do have knowledge of, so immediately picked one up. Then went on to say, how good they were and described the characteristic's of each car, in my Spanglish! This took best part of half an hour, he seemed pleased that I took an interest, presumably not many people did, eventually I had to sit in front of his large overpowering desk. What to do next, still very nervous but not shaking quite so much, he started asking me questions, most of which I did not understand, let alone have an answer to, I tried to joke my way through answering, actually got a few laughs from him. To my relief, he finally said, no mas tiempo and opened the door for us to rejoin my Lawyer. He said to her, in Spanish, she translated for my benefit, that my Spanish was completely hopeless, I knew nothing about Mexico, did not even know the Presidents name! Then he said but more importantly than all that, I had the mind and inclination of a Mexican and would like me to be one, boy, what a relief!
    Some weeks later, we were summoned to an Official Ceremony to pronounce me a Mexican Citizen, I thought it a good idea to take a couple of bottles of bubbly and a few glasses, with us, to celebrate and loosen my Spanglish. First, problem, the security guard, would not let me take the bag, into the building, so thinking as a Mexican. Quickly whipped out a glass and opened a bottle, the cork flew up with a loud POP, much to my dismay, people around, thought I was shooting him. Proceeded by giving him a glassful, which he readily accepted, no more problems, in we went, bag and all! Once I was pronounced a fully fledged Mexican, out the bottles came and all the officials there were given glasses and the bubbly flowed. We all finished up singing, I have no idea what, think it might have been the National Anthem and loud cries of Viva Mexico could be heard, far and wide!
    Having been here, way over 20 years, Spanish still evaded me but overcame that, in my usual fashion, a lovely young bi-lingual Mexican lady, accepting my offer of marriage and hopefully we will both live happily ever after!
    Senor Vocho Rosa
  • Betz
    Good story! Gives me hope.
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