• Glenn Wilson
    The Newcomer's Guide to San Miguel de Allende

    This Guide Is For You If...
    • You've just moved to San Miguel and you're not quite sure how to go about setting up your new life.
    • You're a visitor here for a few weeks or even a few months, and you're ready to dive in but are hoping for some "insider" tips.
    • You're thinking of moving here and want to get the low down on la vida loca, the crazy wonderful life we expats enjoy here in SMA.

    What's Inside?
    All the details you'll need to:
    • set up your utilities
    • make emergency phone calls
    • use the metric system
    • meet others with similar interests
    • enjoy cultural events
    • find everything from doctors to hair stylists
    • learn important words in Spanish
    • better understand Mexican culture

    -- The Newcomer's Guide to San Miguel de Allende

    I don't think it has been updated lately but still a useful guide. It is from a local realty company but has a minimum of self promotion.

    Any tips you would add? Any changes or updates newbies should be aware of?
  • Glenn Wilson
    The Newcomer's Guide from San Miguel Realty is very handy but it is out of date for some topics. It is a valuable resource if you keep that in mind.

    A few things I would add as updates:

    Emergency Phone Calls
    911 Emergency in Mexico and San Miguel De Allende (from WeExpats)
    Emergency Numbers (SMAToday)

    Phone Calls
    "From August 3, we will release a new telephone dialing in Mexico, with which we will eliminate some prefixes such as 01, 044 or 045, that is, to call a number we will only have to type 10 numbers, regardless of whether we talk to Tijuana’s aunt or cousin who lives in another colony."
    The definitive guide on the new telephone dialing system in Mexico

    Attention to expats in San Miguel de Allende
    The department of service to foreign residents, coordinated by the Dirección de Desarrollo Económico, Relaciones Internacionales and several NGOs, are offering assistance via Whatsapp and Email. The mail address is: and the Whatsapp message-only number 415 130 84 31, and with a 9:00 am to 6:00 pm work hours.
    Attention to expats in San Miguel de Allende

    Also Sonia Diaz etc.

    Package Delivery to SMA
    Mini Express

    Cooking in SMA
    Consider an Instant Pot

    Links to Online Resources
    SMAFaq Links

    What changes or additions would you suggest?
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