• Glenn Wilson
    Chef Quincy Bissic: One of my favorite things to do after a night out dining is to walk around the Jardin before heading back home. On this one night we were heading back home and we happened to notice this young boy on the street selling these very fragrant gardenias. We bought several bouquets and asked if he wouldn’t mind if we took his photo. He agreed, and we ended up buying several more of the bouquets he was selling. His photo is one of my favorites!

    We heard on this trip that one of our favorite restaurants had moved a little further out of town. We had just rediscovered Dila's on our last visit, so we decided to make the trek to the restaurant and turn it into a challenging walk. The chef/owner Dila is Sri Lankan and serves some of the most delicious, spicy and fresh Sri Lankan food. He is definitely one of my favorite people in San Miguel and one of the coolest. One of my favorite dishes is the fish in a spicy tamarind sauce and the fresh mango and ginger margaritas is my go-to drink.

    It’s always a pleasure seeing Dila's face! Because when I do, I know that I’m in for a memorable meal.

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