• Glenn Wilson
    Babs wrote: These hand made faces from Tzinzunzan make me smile each day as I walk past them in the garden. I have had each and every one of those expressions on my face in the last eighty days including horror, sadness and disbelief. I have not reached resignation, yet.

    Although I haven't been anywhere, there has been lots going on here on the homefront. None of it at my instigation, but by the person that I rent my first floor house from here in SMA.

    Since the upstairs tenant returned to Minneapolis after twenty-four years here in Mexico, the owner decided this was the time not only to paint and fix things, but to remodel the kitchen and bath! In Mexico, remodel is synonymous with the sound "chip, chip, chip". As they chip plaster, tile and heaven only knows what else, my ideal quiet abode has been accosted by workers, people in and out, and the noise of construction. ...

    Read the rest at BabsBlog: COVID 19 in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico: Day 80 of Stay at Home. Hard to believe! More #BabsBlog.

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