• Glenn Wilson
    Ria Talken wrote: I have never seen so many creative, colorful face masks in my life.

    They are everywhere. Personalities shine through with choices.

    Are you a traveler? Perhaps an African print is up your alley. Or an animal lover, there are masks for you too.

    Cook, seamstress, booklover, gardener, coffee lover, artist, a follower of Lucha Libre, photographer, writer? You can be a walking billboard with an unspoken welcome to others sharing your interests. ...

    Continue at Our Prime of Life: The life of masks in San Miguel. More #OurPrimeOfLife.

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  • Patrice Wynne
    What a wonderful article, Ria! Yes masks really are a necessity for living today. Great line about “forget matching shoes!” Abrazos on Zacateros 24, open 11am to 3pm, makes Mexican themed masks, like the ones you’re wearing, in every possible theme: Cactus, Cerveza, Frida, Muertos, Lucha, Artistic. Our masks provide employment to 13 seamstress families and 85 family members. And we deliver every day in San Miguel and ship every day to the US. Come visit! AbrazosSanMiguel.com
  • Ria Talken
    Hola Patrice,
    Thank you for your kind thoughts about my blog post. I really do think that there have been some nice unforeseen consequences that have developed during our quarantine. Different forms of connection has been one of them. I love the entrepreneurial spirit I have witnessed. Thank you for employing so many during this unusual time.
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